Sunday, March 27, 2011

Near the Finish Line!

One last day, and this work weekend will finally be over. Things were going well at work today, but right as the pm shift began and I was halfway completed with my double, that charming tantruming SED acted a fool. He yelled, screamed, and threatened to hit me numerous times. He ended taking his mattress and smahing it into my head, and come to think of it he deserved probably more consequences than he received but I was trying to give him a chance. Anyways. once he cooled down the rest of the evening was fine, minus a few small things here and there. Came back to the apartment exhausted and in walks my roommate with two of his associates. Don't know how long they'll be staying, but I swear that idiot roommate of mine has no concept of being polite and courteous of anyone but himself and the people who he deems worthy of that. Big picture though, big picture....but does my sanity also fit into that? Hmm.....

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