Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mountains In Life.

I went hiking this morning with a co-worker and had a lovely time. Traffic was a bloody nightmare getting there and someone almost rear-ended me, but God was looking out for me thank goodness. I really should do more hiking considering my family history with health, but time, time, time where does one find the time? As it is there is much that I should be doing that I don't do, but if I did it then life would be work all of the time; life would be one mountain after another that I had to climb without an oasis in between. I don't know about ya'll but that isn't something that I am really up for. Anyways. I was lazy for a good part of the day, but then I did get up early for a hike up a mountain, so I can rationalize that I was resting from the long hike. I fiddled around on the computer for a longggggggg while and then did some more relaxing in front of the television set, and then I sat down and did some writing. I've almost gotten to the point on the Immortals that I am ready to post, but I took a dinner break and got started on season 4 of Battlestar Galactica and oh boy what a beginning it has had. The show is so well done that I haven't a clue why they ended it other then it ran its course, but it really is cool with good story, plot, and unimaginable twists that they had foreshadowed earlier but then you forget all about. That is such fantastic writing! And the characters because of their circumstances are quite easy to become attached to and care for, and that is another sign of good writing. I'm very anxious to see what happens in the end, hopefully it's better than how Farscape ended. After that I returned to the Immortals and wrote a whole bunch more; it is going to be a long short story series, at least I think....but that could change as I'm kind of going with the flow on this one. So far though it is immensely promising to be one of my better short stories; I think it has great potential, and hopefully I can finish the first part tomorrow. Now time for a little R&R.

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