Saturday, March 19, 2011


While at work a couple of co-workers were assisting me in coming up with some titles for my second book, and we came across that really cool word above and I thought that it would be a rather lovely touch for my blog. Today was fairly decent with very few difficulties thank God. Even though I didn't really write anything, I did work on coming up with titles for my second book which is actually more difficult than you'd think. I think after five full pages, I should come up with a title, at least I hope. You see, for me the title has to encapsulate the entire book, tie in with the entire trilogy, and interconnect to other pertinent themes within the book and the series as well. I also try to be as original as I possibly can be, which is also quite difficult. Attempting to create a title that no one else has utilized yet in any way, or at least as much as I can, is something akin to searching for a needle in a coal mine. I have a few good ideas, but nothing completely satisfies me yet, but I still have plenty of time. Well goodnight everyone and enjoy your sleep or day depending on where you are.

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