Friday, March 25, 2011

I was Suckered In.

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." -Wise Man

That was one of my more favorite sayings from the film Sucker Punch, which I wrote a lovely review on. Apparently at the theatre I saw it at, it was featured particularly in the Imax Experience which included superior sound, a huge screen, and crisp clear digital projection. It was a fantastic experience. There was something kind of funny though. This one couple that was sitting behind me, they were in their late forties or so and neither one of them had any idea what they were watching. They thought it was suppose to be 3-D, when the film wasn't even shot in that format. They also thought that it was suppose to be purely an action film (obviously they didn't watch the trailer very closely). How do I know all of this, because they were very vocal in complaining about it during the beginning of the film up until the first epic action sequence. I have one thing to say about that; people try to figure out what you're watching before you sit down and watch and then complain, because you really don't have anyone to complain to other than yourselves. Aside from that, traffic was a nightmare; people can't drive. Oh yeah, I was picking up a few items from the grocery and I'm turning right onto a divided highway. No one was coming from my left anywhere so I turn. I am then greeted by this huge pickup truck driving straight at me. Fortunately neither one of us came even close to being crunched, but I had to make certain that I saw him and wasn't imagining things, and also checked that I wasn't going the wrong direction. That was something that doesn't usually happen to me. I also know why I don't go to Wal-Mart very often (I had to pick up some items to change the oil in my car); I prefer Target much more and only wish that they had an automotive section. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't like getting up early and taking a luxurious shower and then coming out to eat a nice quiet breakfast while I read the Wall-Street Journal and my Bible to a bunch of loud and irritating children playing on an X-box and gossiping about their loser friends before it's even 10:30am. My roommate and his friends greatly irritated me, but I thought of the big picture again. He pays half of the rent, he pays half of the rent, he pays half of the rent. That was my day, and I did a little more writing on that one story that I mentioned yesterday; it is coming along fabulously and could be my best yet short story. Tomorrow I begin work once more; hopefully I won't get bit on, kicked, scratched, or spit at.


  1. What a day! Glad you didn't die. Trucks are good at crunching little cars.

  2. This sounds like the traffic here in CT. I don't shop at Wal- Mart at all anymore due to their policies. I also prefer Target. Paying half the rent is a good reason to put up with your roommate.