Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Hey there Groceries!"

I wish that I could write that this was an incredible day filled with exciting and adventurous things that happened, but it really was just an average day. Being the recluse that I am, I get the fun task of living vicariously through other people's expriences and find my adventure in the films that I watch and stories that I write. One day though I'll have some more adventure in my life, but for now I only allow myself to dream. Even though it wasn't very adventurous, it was relaxing and somewhat productive. I sat down again and began randomly writing, and this time I came up with something entirely different and it should be quite interesting. It's like Alice in Wonderland combined with Sin City those two kinds of realities set in a dark and gritty environment. The story is pretty solid, although there are portions that'll make people sad, angry, grossed out, and whatever else. It's going to be a long short story, but I don't know how long it'll take for me to write it; I'm going to try and not rush this one. I added the Harry Gregson-Williams Music Page to my website. And not too long ago I just finished watching Eat Pray Love, and wrote the Eat Pray Love Film Review. It was good and refreshing and made me want to travel the world and eat exquisite cuisine in Italy and that is where I got the title of my blog for today; it was actually a very funny part of the film, although it came off a little cruel at first. Do you know how prolific Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is in films? That man who died a horrible death and buried in an unmarked grave that nobody understood because he was ahead of his times has his music played all of the time in films. In Eat Pray Love a song from his opera "The Magic Flute" was played; it was something that just amazed me. It bet all of his envious enemies that have been forgotten are really feeling stupid now. I had a lovely chat with my map maker for my Warrior's Tale Trilogy about a project that we're going to be working on together which should be very exciting and interesting. I really love writing and collaborating with people. Hopefully it's a sign of the future to come.

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