Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exhausted for No Reason.

I don't why I am so tired, but I laid down in bed for a bit about an hour ago and still right now I am completely sleepy and I haven't a clue why. Perhaps I should start going to bed earlier, although I thought that I slept in plenty today. I was able to force myself to edit a chapter of book 2, but other than that and writing a review for David Garrett's Rock Symphonies album that was all of the writing that I was able to do. I feel that I usually have more to blog than what I have so far, but today was plainly blah. You ever feel so tired you don't feel like doing anything, even the stuff that you usually enjoy doing; all you want to do is sleep. That is how I felt today annoyingly enough. That is rather obnoxious when you're trying to have a productive day and the body chemistry isn't going for it. Due to the state of life at the apartment with my roommate, I think it is going to be absolutely imperative that I find time to edit that screenplay I had a friend look over and try to get it sold, or write another one. Maybe I'll get lucky, or God will send me a little extra grace and favor. Well aside from all of that yacking up there, I am tired and really feel like falling asleep, so I am going to read the Wall Street Journal and then go to bed I think. I feel so....aged doing that, but why not embrace what I am. A boring adult.

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