Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draft #2 Completed!

Well I've done it! I finished editing draft number two of book number two of A Warrior's Tale Trilogy. Now I only have about....maybe five or seven drafts remaining before I am most likely ready for it to move onto the publishing phase. The book continues to grow and right now it is about 542 pages in length, which is good. I needed a lot of details that I added this time around. I still need a few more here and there throughout the book, but that is what draft number three is for and so forth and so on. Now I'm going to have a few select individuals look over it for grammar, story content, and things that are out of place or just don't look or seem right. So as it seems, today was very productive. I spent the greater part of the afternoon editing book 2, so I didn't really have time to write anything else. I had an early dinner with a former professor and we chatted about all kinds of things from Ethics to spiritual philosophy, it was an amazing conversation. Thanks Fred. He was one of my favorite professors in college. He has a bunch of videos on youtube, I think his user name is darkwaterhermit or something like that. The rest of the night I spoke with family and friends and relaxed. When I was finished with all of that I went back to my computer and began writing the same story that I was writing last night. I am almost ready to post the first part, if I want to keep it short. I might instead keep it longer and it will therefore take me a few more additional days. It is shaping up nicely though, and I'm really liking the characters; I am giving myself so much material to work with. Well I'm sleepy and have a lot to do tomorrow and not enough time to do it all, so good night.

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