Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleaned Out.

After I did my regular morning routine, I cleaned the entire apartment. I washed the floors, washed the dishes, vaccumed, swept the patio and stairwell, and of course scrubbed the stains out of the carpet wherever I found them. Most of the cleaning related of course to my roommate's rude and disrespectful friends that he had over Saturday morning and Monday night. Unfortunately some of the stains in the carpet won't come off and not all of the blue dye from around the sink in the bathroom will come off the counters either. It is rather frustrating. Now you might be asking yourselves two questions: wow he's really a nice roommate, or, what an idiot. Well I have been told by multiple people that I am quite nice, but no I am not an idiot. I am actually going to make him pay for me cleaning everything that he didn't and of course get professional cleaning to get those carpet stains out (which he will also pay for). Hopefully he'll see reason and not let this happen again, or we'll both have to split up most likely and move out which would be a great shame since I love this place and area so much. Dear God let his head get screwed on tightly. Aside from the cleaning I didn't do much else besides relaxing and I chatted with my sister. She gave me great news that she, my nephew, and her boyfriend will most likely come out and visit me in June! I am very happy for that bit of news. Later on in the evening, I watched The Blind Side and I won't hesitate to say that it was a most excellent film. I loved it immensely and it is a shame that it took me so long to see it. I highly recommend that film to everyone to watch. I had no energy to write at all today aside from what I posted on this blog, but that will change tomorrow though. I need to get back on top of my writing, and I need to write that screenplay. Blast it I wish that I had more time in a day. May the Force be with you all, oh and there wasn't a new Clone Wars episode to review this week, but the next one looks interesting.

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