Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 Hour Tantrum?

What a day! Can you imagine the worst possible tantrum ever and it lasting for nearly 3 and a half hours long, and now imagine the child being very, very violent and self-destructive. That was me dealing with an SED starting at about 7am and not really ending until 10:30am. You want to talk about patience, wow I almost ran out, as I ran out of steam doing a double like I normally do on Saturdays. The SED punched me several times and threw shoes at me; I won't repeat all of the names he called me, but he spoke at one point and time about slicing me up into little pieces of meat and putting them on top of an omlette and eating them and that is verbatim. This SED is eight years old by the way, and his treatment is being funded by taxpayers. Lucky us. After his lengthy span of horrendous behavior, the SED calmed down and had a fantastic rest of the day. I swear for these kids poor behavior is either a switch, or a routine that they follow because they know nothing else. The rest of the day is kind of a blur, and I ended up staying later at work because this SED supposedly mooned this other SED and I had to write a report on it. It was a bad day at work to say the least, and I felt like crap when I got home and it felt like I had a temperature. I can't wait to get some sleep. Everyone send me all of your positive energy tomorrow as that same violent SED will be there all day (he usually goes on pass on Sunday) and I'm hoping he got all of his bad behavior out of him.

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