Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well today was fairly productive. Somehow I was able to edit two chapters in book 2, which was phenomenal. I'm right on track to finish my first official edit, and then I can do it all over again! I also was able to write that film review for Takers that I saw last night. I spent the greater part of the afternoon working on my website on the film music review section. It is my goal to have a webpage for each composer that I have reviewed, where not only do I catalog what I reviewed, but also a compiliation of their works, perhaps a short biography and other little tidbits that I might find. The reason is that I figure some people may want to search via a composer instead of a film score, and I thought why not since I like film music more than any other genre (besides classical). Here are the composer pages that I have created thus far: Alan Silvestri Music Page, Alexandre Desplat Music Page, Andrew Lloyd Webber Music Page, and A.R. Rahman Music Page. I have around twenty or so other composers before I am finished. It is an exhaustive project, but one I think that will be a nice addition to my website when I am finished. I am also hoping to eventually do the same thing with directors for films, and maybe film writers for screenplay and story as well. It would be quite an undertaking to do every facet of film, which is why I'll at least stick with those two. Speaking of writing, tonight for Oscar time we have the Nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay: 127 Hours, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, and Winter's Bone. I only saw True Grit and know nothing of Winter's Bone so I'm going to go with True Grit because from what I understand the Cohen brothers did well adapting it from the book, and it was a fairly well written screenplay. The Academy will no doubt choose The Social Network, but I hear that it was solid writing despite the topic or actors. I have one Oscar Nomination remaining to present and then I will be finished! Thank goodness. Twenty-four days straight in a row can be taxing to write about the same thing. I guess I have to find something else to write about now.

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