Saturday, February 12, 2011

Staple versus Finger...

...Well in this case the staple won. The moral of that lesson, never try to yank out a staple with your fingers; use a pair of pliers instead. Otherwise you might get a really bad cut and have blood go everywhere, and this could happen at work which could be a very unsanitary place at times. So words from the wise; be careful around sharp or very pointy objects. There ya go, my little wisdom for the day. Work wasn't too bad; most of the SED's were in good space which was rather wonderful for me. One in particular was a rude little brat frequently, but she received her due karma. Came back to my apartment and none of my roommates....friends were present of which I was very thankful for. He had his brithday party tonight since his birthday is on Valentines day. Even though it wasn't a hard day at work, it was very long; you know it being double Saturday and all. Well our Oscar report for tonight is another not necessarily very exciting category....Best Documentary Short Subject: Killing in the Name, Poster Girl, Strangers no More, Sun Come Up, and The Warriors of Quigang. I know nothing about any of the nominations. Based on the summaries of the documentaries there are quite a few good looking ones that caught my attention, but of them I like Killing in the Name (and it isn't because of the title) I think the notion behind the subject is very fascinating. However, Hollywood politics will most likely choose Sun Come Up since it deals with the hot political topic of global warming. That's that; have a good night and perhaps next week I'll have some more original writing for all of you.

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