Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Rest for the Wicked.

I feel much more energized and relaxed today. It's amazing what some much needed rest will do for you. Let me first and foremost wish a very happy birthday to my sister Cindy today, along with one of the former U.S. Presidents....the legendary George Washington, the man who was offered to be dictator of this country and flatly refused. Happy birthday to both of you! Well as I mentioned above I acquired some much needed R & R and didn't do really any writing. I posted a film score review of Elizabeth: The Golden Age on my website and got a small taste of the Oscar nominated film composer A.R. Rahman. I wasn't really that impressed. Besides doing a bit of laundry and cleaning my day was fairly un-interesting. Now, for Clone Wars Tuesdays. Today we have "The Citadel" where Obi-Wan and Anakin have to break into this prison which was designed to hold rogue Jedi and is now run by the Separatists. Their goal is to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell who holds important info on hyperspace routes. Okay, the concept was awesome and even the introduction of Tarkin was a nice little touch but I think they were over reaching. Based on this episode I thought that the voice of Tarkin was a little weak, but it might have to grow on me. Dave Filoni tends to have far too many characters in an episode instead of having fewer so that they can fit more in a 22 minute episode. They spread the characters, storyline, and dialogue too thinly. I also didn't like the warden who seemed like more of the dumb and overly arrogant type than anything intelligent. I also would like to see the Republic lose more battles than they have lately; they always seem to win which takes away from the heroes because they're never in any real danger since we know they'll always win. It wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but the carbon freezing was quite nostaligic and a nice tie in for the Empire Strikes Back. I watched Takers tonight not quite certain what I'd be getting myself into, but with a good cast I thought why not. It was supremely suspenseful, but I'll go into more when I write a review tomorrow. One of my favorite Academy Nominations is featured tonight....Visual Effects: Alice in Wonderland, The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, Hereafter, Inception, and Iron Man 2. Despite the obvious fact that Tron: Legacy should have been nominated, the list is good, although Hereafter is kind of an odd duck. I'm voting for Alice in Wonderland because of all the nominees they had visually the finest effects and certainly the most exotic and it was shot in 3-D, but Iron Man 2 was really close. Those robots and armored suits were quite impressive. I think the Academy is going to vote with me, but if they don't then they'll choose Inception. Well, that's all folks.

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