Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Sleepless Night.

I will be frank, I never was and will never be a huge "party" guy. During college I had a good regimented sleeping schedule and studied; I didn't drink, play late night poker games, or attend all night Halo games. Now that I am twenty-five I figure that I've left the "college experience" years behind me and am now living like a boring adult where I work most of the time and possess very little room for spontaneous pleasure. My roommate however does not hold to such philosophy. He's newly twenty-two years of age and continues on insisting like living like he's a teenager versus a responsible adult who has a very, very good job working for the U.S. government. So of course I go to bed earlier than usual because I have work early in the morning and I fall pretty fast asleep. However, for some odd reason I was awoken from my very deep slumber around 1am or so, I figured my roommate had returned and that was what had woken me up. I soon returned to asleep, thought not as soundly. Around 3am in the morning I awoke jolted up in my bed to what I thought was a girl screaming, after that point I left my room and found my roommate isolated on our dark porch with a bunch of his so called friends doing who knows what. I asked him in a calm manner what the heck was going on, and I seem to remember him giving me a rather vague answer but I went back to my room to get some sleep after some assurance that the noise wouldn't continue. However, after that point it was impossible for me to get any quality sleep. Him and his "friends" essentially kept me up for the rest of the night as I attempted on multiple occasions to fall back asleep. I was waiting for morning to come so I could get up and dressed for work. When I got out into the living room there were seven people sprawled out on the floor, and that doesn't include any number of people which could have been in my roommate's room. I left as quickly as I could, knowing full well that later on I would deal with the situation. Needless to say I got to work plenty early, but I was completely exhausted and from that moment on felt as if I could fall asleep at any point during the day. I was also very grumpy and had a short fuse, but the SED's weren't actually too bad and almost seemed understanding when I told them I was very tired and didn't get much sleep. God was once again watching out for me. Aside from my lethargy the rest of my work day went well, and yes I did work a double. But wait the story isn't finished yet....I come home from work, not quite certain what to expect, and what do I find? The carpet is stained by something reddish, the bathroom has bluish coloring everywhere and on my rugs and towels as well. My roommate's "friends" ate my food and got it all over the bathroom floor, the patio was a mess, and dirt was all over the living room floor. To say the least I was fit to be tied, but I don't know if my roommate will be brave enough to show up to the apartment before I go to bed tonight. I'm not quite certain what's going to happen, but something is going to have to happen, I also can't wait for his explanation of all the crap that happened while I was trying to sleep. It should be quite an interesting discussion. Well I'm going to do some internet surfing, watch some Battlestar Galactica, and hopefully get a lot of much needed sleep. The last thing I need is to get sick again.

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