Monday, February 14, 2011

Sick of being Sick.

I don't know about everyone else in the rest of the world but I have had it with getting sick. I haven't gotten this sick this frequently in my entire life! Perhaps it's because of my job, which I'll agree with. Ways to combat being sick would be useful and necessary. Working at my job while being sick isn't a whole lot of fun and quickly becomes very today. My throat hurts because my sinuses are draining and hopefully it'll quickly go away without any further ramafications. I think I've drunk over a couple gallons of water today, so at least my kidneys are really happy. Work was essentially fine for the most part, but I did have an SED kick and spit on me as well as flash me. He stated that he wanted to go to Mars because there wasn't a lot of air so he could die, but of course he said it really dramatically. Unfortunately the child is a blooming sociopath at age 8. The rest of work blew by as one other kid kept me occupied with his poor behavior and the SED's in general were really hyper. My co-worker, Olympia, made some really fine salsa so I was very lucky. My roommate, Tucker, turned 22 today. Happy Birthday to him, and also Happy Valentines Day to all of you as well; hope you found love and care from another human being. Today for our Oscar list we have Best Foreign Film: Buitiful, Dogtooth, In a Better World, Incendies, and Outside the Law. I like various kinds of films but knowing very little about these I'm going with Outside the Law to win and I believe the Academy will choose Buitiful. I'm tired and sick so I am going to bed.

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