Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running to Catch my Nose.

Sometimes you have to be creative with titles after the first 170. Regardless though, that is a greater part of what I did all day; I blew my nose constantly, and in between I drank water and tea and....well you can fill in the dots. I am feeling much better than yesterday, but it stills sucks a lot being sick. It keeps you from doing much of what you want to do. I didn't edit any of book 2 today because I didn't have enough steam to do the very long chapter which I would have had to edit, but I was finally able to finish another modern war story. This one is called The Sword and the Shield: The Other Side of Conflict and takes a look at conflict from the American perspective for today's soon to become typical family, or at least sterotypical. Since I was nearly incapacited yesterday I wasn't able to do Clone Wars Tuesday Review. The Mortis trilogy was concluded with Ghosts of Mortis which ended up being quite a surprising episode. It continued with the dark overtones and mythological references to our own world's myths, but also the ones within the Star Wars realm. George Lucas is really creating his own mythology, in a universe of his own making with new heroes and villains to populate it with a type of religion to influence and bring it together. I won't spoil what happens, but I will say that "The Son" shows Anakin the future of what he will do and become and that influences his decision to do certain things in the episode. In all, the conclusion was brillaint for a very important and pivotal chapter in The Clone Wars saga. Sam Witwer did the voice for "The Son" in all three episodes and there was something about his performance which was completely entrancing. He was so calm and almost seemingly tender for such an "evil" villain, but it worked very well. I've actually been watching him lately in Battlestar Galactica which is definitely getting more and more interesting each time I watch it. That is what you do when you're sick these days besides reading books, you watch television and that is what I have been watching. Although today I did a little PC gaming since I got up so early from going to sleep so very early last night. Well, our Oscar nomination list is beginning to wind down and tonight we have one of my personal favorite categories....Best Original Score: How to Train your Dragon (John Powell), Inception (Hans Zimmer), The King's Speech (Alexandre Desplat), 127 Hours (A.R. Rahman), and The Social Network (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross). I personally think the nominees are pretty poor this year. I reviewed Inception's score and didn't really care for it, Desplat's work on The King's Speech is hardly anything new or profound; a lot of tinkly piano music like stuff which is what he tends to do, like in The Queen. I bet those two scores sound a lot alike. 127 Hours is a lot of guitar like music and The Social Network is this weird electronic blend with piano and classical elements. John Powell's music is the only one that should have been nominated, and that is the one that I hope wins. The Academy will most likely choose 127 Hours since they chose something similar years ago that had a smilar style; Brokeback Mountain. Tron Legacy, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Robin Hood, and Alice in Wonderland are definitely some scores that should have been nominated, but that is the Academy for you.

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