Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain Anyone?

It rained so much today, which I usually enjoy, but not when I have a good many SED children that need to work off energy and they can't because they're trapped inside due to the weather. Other than that, the day wasn't too bad and was relatively enjoyable. Nothing really exciting or interesting happened I'm going to get on with the Oscars so I can get in an episode of Battlestar Galactica before I go to bed. Our category tonight is along the same lines as last night. And the nominations for Best Live Action Short Film are: The Confession, The Crush, God of Love, Na Wewe, and Wish 143. Of all of the nominees I'm liking The Confession; the concept seems very interesting and kind of catchy, I could almost make a story out of the idea the short film is based on. The Academy will probably choose Na Wewe for the obvious reasons, but it also looks rather good. Well goodnight everyone, and for those of you who are around rain try not to drown.

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