Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mr. Clean.

After I did my regular morning routine I cleaned the apartment. It took me quite a few hours to complete all of the necessary tasks including laundry, but then I relaxed and edited a chapter in my book before taking my mind off of reality by playing Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars for a little bit. I also watched another episode of Battlestar Galactica which looks like it'll continue to be a good show so far at least, although I've only seen the first two episodes. There were some other rather boorish things I did, nothing really worth describing. So on with the show. It is Clone Wars review time and the latest episode is "The Altar of Mortis." Sounds kind of scary or creepy I suppose, and it is put in a relatively dark setting. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are trying to escape the...well...whatever they're on, but "The Son" kidnaps Ahsoka and Anakin and Obi-Wan pursue. Anakin is taunted by the dark side, Ahsoka also has some difficulties, and Obi-Wan along with "The Sister" have to make some hard decisions. I liked the episode a lot; this trio of episodes is going very well and delving into some pretty heavy mythology and not just about Star Wars. I like the depth that's present, and it would have been more awesome for them to go further, but time constraints and the target audience (it has to be tamer for children) makes that difficult. Oh well. Since I enjoy the dark side of the Force I am of course a big admirer of "The Brother" but I also really like "The Father" as well. "The Sister" is kind of annoying, but I have always found pure good to be very obnoxious. The story is somewhat confusing, especially as to how this is all going to fit into the Star Wars saga, but I'm sure Dave Filoni along with George know what they're doing. There was one thing that was kind of weird; "The Father" had these wings without changing into some sort of animal, and I think he should have changed into something like his children could. It isn't really that important, but something that could have been different. It should be interesting to see how the conclusion will be concerning all of the prophetic foreshadowing going on. It seems as if the balance is tipping in favor of the dark side (YES!!!!) Going back to reality; the Oscars. Tonight we have Best Cinematography: The Black Swan, Inception, The King's Speech, The Social Network, and True Grit. Not the best selection ever for one of the most prestigious awards but there ya go. Umm...I am going to have to go for Inception on this one for what I would like to win, and I think the Academy will choose Black Swan which would be fine with me. The other films, with the exception of True Grit, I'm uncertain why they were nominated, especially The Social Network; I mean, it takes place at Harvard and locales like that. The thing about Inception is that it is visionary work and Black Swan is exquisite dark beauty and that is deserving of a nomination. Anyways, as long as The Social Network doesn't win the award (or any) I will be content with any of the above nominations.

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