Friday, February 25, 2011


Well I finally did it, I watched the film The Social Network and boy did I have fun writing that film review. I won't go into too much of my opinion here, but let's say that it is the longest review I have ever done for a film, even longer than the one I gave The Phantom Menace. I will say however that I haven't a clue why The Social Network is up for so many Academy Awards. It really was a mediocre film at best, and I hope that I never see it again. While I'm at it, best of luck for those of you who find yourselves irrevocably addicted to Facebook. If you can't or refuse to try and meet people or talk with people face to face the old fashioned way then you need to suck it up and just do it. I will act like a complete mean wretch for a few moments and state how pathetic our culture is when people can't go longer than a couple minutes without checking what is up on Facebook with the rest of their socially challenged friends, or individuals who have what we call in psychology as "weak ego strength." When I hear about "drama" as people call it unfolding across the digital framework of the world wide web it is miserably pathetic, especially when it is concerning whether or not a friend deleted you from their list of friends. People need to resolve their conflicts face to face in the flesh, not over the web; it is so...dehumanizing. People should not be conveying their emotions and thoughts through machines, but with our words from our own mouths to the person (s) ears. That is why God created us with those particular bodyparts. I suggest people try and remember how to properly use them before we all become a private and secluded society. Moving on. I had a lovely day and I was actually able to edit two more chapters of book 2, and now I'm on page 428 so I'm close to being finished with my first draft and then comes the next set of phases which include taking it to the publisher. I also put two more film composer pages on my site: Bruno Coulais Music Page, and Craig Armstrong Music Page. Tomorrow I go back to work and work with the SED children who had parents who only cared about themselves, their needs, wants and desires and about how others viewed them. Now these children are scarred for life and will never be the same because someone cared more for pleasure and personal self-fulfillment than their child's well-being. Now that would make a great film.

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