Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death by Cheesecake.

There are many ways to die that I would prefer, and I would like to add death by cheesecake to the list. I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a friend tonight and had a lovely time. I got the club sandwich which was okay; I think they toasted the bread a little too long, but everything was good. Raspberry lemonade was divine, although the acid in it hurt my throat and I had to order some water. The key lime cheesecake though was....oh delicious. That place makes the best cheesecake I have eaten at a restaurant, and that is primarily why I go there; the cheesecake. So enough about cheesecake, although it is really worth mentioning five million times. Today was rather boring. I was lazy and edited book 2; that was about it. Being sick is really putting a stopper in my social and productivity calendar. I watched the film Red tonight and would have written a review, but I'm tired and sick so that won't be happening until at least tomorrow. I liked the film honestly; it was witty, enjoyable, humorous and had one hell of an ending. The cast was extraordinary and was perhaps the best part. For your Oscar viewing we have best Original Song, which is an award I don't usually care about. I mean, this isn't the Grammys is it? The Nominees are: Country Strong, Tangled, 127 Hours, and Toy Story 3. Well...............Honestly I don't care who gets it but if I was forced to pick a nominee I would choose 127 Hours and that is also what I think the Academy is going to choose. There is something about the title of the song "If I Rise" that seems to inspire, not to mention I don't really care for country and Disney songs always seem to be nominated or win awards; it's time for something else. Some good news. Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary that I launched my website and boy has it been a couple of roller coaster years of unexpected pains and pleasures. The website has grown so much and has become so much despite all of the outside stressors of my life, and it has lasted as well and did not fall by the way side or back burner. I promised myself that when I launched the website that wouldn't happen, and that I was in this for the long term. Here I am still, now blogging successfully every night. All of you sleep well.

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