Thursday, February 24, 2011


Right as I sat down to type this blog entry I blew my nose because the cold I have continues to linger on. Then of course what should happen next but I feel this warm oozy feeling on my nose and upper lip. Of course I thought I missed some snot and so I grab a kleenex and soon discover that my nose is bleeding. I rush to the bathroom and see what the damage is, and unfortunately I got blood on my Thor shirt that two dear friends of mine gave me for Christmas. I'm soaking it in hot water and soap to get the stain out, at least hopefully. I was very distressed, but now the gushing seems to have stopped thank goodness. The day was very uneventful. I picked up a shift at work because they were short staffed and so that was my evening. I was able to edit a little of a chapter for book 2 before I left, but that was all of the writing that I was able to get completed. That was my day. Our very last Academy Award Nomination to go over is Best Original Screenplay: Another Year, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are Alright, and The King's Speech. Obviously I want The King's Speech to get the Oscar, and I think the Academy will go with my vote but if not than they will most likely select The Fighter. And there are all 24 nominations for the 2011 Academy Awards! Hopefully I'll connive a way to see them, but if not well....that's life. Hope ya'll have a good night. I'm going to get more suspenseful action from watching Battlestar Galactica which is an amazing show, I really recommend everyone who enjoys good television to watch it.

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