Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To......

I was unfortunately unable to watch any of the Oscar show, but I caught the red carpet and part of the after show. I was actually delighted to see that I was correct a lot in what would win, and also what I'd like to see win. Before getting into that, work was actually very nice today. A lot of the SED's went on pass or a visit, and even the latter part of the night wasn't too difficult; I only had one SED try to kick and flash me and that was all of the contention. Got home and roommate is still nowhere to be seen, most likely doesn't feel up to talking to me about what happened early Friday morning and so he's still hiding from me, or rather avoiding I suppose. That was that. Now onto who I thought, who I wanted to and who actually won an Oscar tonight at the ceremony. The King's Speech won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. SWEET! I wanted all four to win, although I was always predicting a potential upset, and so I have one pretty much for every category. I predicted and wanted Natalie Portman to get Best Actress, I predicted that Christian Bale was going to get Best Supporting Actor. I was wrong on all accounts for Best Supporting Actress as Melissa Leo got it. I was very pleased that The Social Network only got three Oscars, which was still one too many; Best Original Score, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Editing which it deserved. Poor choice for the score, really poor selection, and good for Aaron Sorkin for his writing and smack on smack with the editing. Foreign Language film award went to In A better World, which I didn't predict but whatever. Toy Story 3 got Best Animated Film and Best Original Song, which is good for Pixar, but I thought a few others deserved a shot. Oh well. I did a great job of predicting Alice in Wonderland snagging Best Art Direction and Costume Design. Inception snagged the Oscar for Cinematography, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects and I was pleased about all four, although I think I wanted Tron to snag a few here and there and maybe Iron Man 2. Oh well. The Wolfman got Best Original Make-up which was well earned, and I spotted that one too. There are all of the major nominations. I can't really critique the broadcast since I didn't see it and I heard mixed comments about the hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco, including a stunt about him wearing a red dress, a blonde wig and make-up. He is one good looking woman, but I don't know how well the whole thing was played off. The clothes, hair, shoes and other stuff of the celebrities was on the whole not too bad. Celine Dion looked fantastic, as did Sandra Bullock and I don't care what people say I liked Sharon Stone's look. Well that's that folks. Another year until we have the same celebration. I cannot deny secretly that my desire is to at least get an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at least one day in the future. That would be, but of course it would be exhilerating just to write a screenplay for a film.

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