Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writing and Molasses.

What do writing and molasses have in common? Absolutely nothing. However, what's bad is when your writing is going as slow as molasses on a warm day in Antarctica. I spent about...hmmm....a little over three hours editing about six pages in my second book, and it would have been a whole lot longer if I had tried to edit the entire chapter. As I was reading one of the characters that I wrote for the second book, I realized that I didn't like how I ended up writing him. The weird thing was that I had this idea in my head how I wanted to write him and as I wrote him it turned out much different, and now I wish that I had stuck to my original idea back when I was writing the book. Oh well, but now I have to re-write almost every part of the book that he is in and how the characters interact and respond to what he says and does. This of course I have to do as my characters are becoming more complicated and situations more tense, and so forth and so on. I guess that is why it took me so long to edit so few pages. I also didn't get any other writing done, although a great deal of ideas are simmering in my head to write, so hopefully I am going to get around to writing one of them tomorrow. God knows. Anyways. I stepped out of my normal genre of film watching and saw Wild, Wild West. I had seen part of the film years ago and always wanted to see the whole thing through. Well....it was amusing, but I admit that Will Smith's character severely annoyed me although I wish I looked that good in the outfit that he wore. I loved Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh though, they were excellent characters and are of course excellent actors. Poor Will Smith has improved since 1999, but I have never enjoyed any of his films except for Independence Day. It was a diverting film though away from reality which is always nice to have every now and then. May the Force be with us all.

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