Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That was a great line from the Farscape movie The Peacekeeper Wars. Before I get into that though, let me say that today was lovely, although not as productive in the realm of writing as I would have preferred. I did edit a wonderful chapter in book 2; two characters had an amazing conversation which I think the readers are really going to enjoy as it gives hints about the main character and his inner thoughts and struggles. I played tennis with a good friend of mine, and honestly I didn't suck at it as much as I thought I would as it's been a long time since I last played. I chatted with my sister Paula, the sister who does a fantastic job with hair, for an extremely lengthy time and did some other piddly things. That was essentially my day; relaxing and mildly productive. Now on with the show. If you know nothing of Farscape stop reading now.

Farscape ran four seasons and then abruptly ended due to lack of funding, but they were able to get a 3hr feature film to finish the entire series. I originally watched this series because I remember when it was still running regularly on the SciFi channel and it looked interesting but I was never able to watch it, but I always wondered. I got my opportunity thanks to Netflix streaming to the television. The first two seasons were good, but after that they began to go down in quality rapidly although an episode every now and then would pop up that was good. For the most part though it was a dud of a show, but it had phenomenal potential to be greater then it ended up being. A shame but life goes on. I liked the imagination it carried; strange places and strange races and creatures was food for my imagination and that is what kept me watching, and the drive to simply finish the series. I never cared very much for Rygel, John Crichton, Chiana, D'Argo, Jool, Stark, or Noranti; some of them I occasionally grew to like, but for the most part I found them irritating. Aeryn Sun, Zhaan, Scorpius, and Sikozu were the only main characters that I enjoyed on a regular basis up to the very end. Whereas the others were impulsive, stupid, annoying, overly weird and frustrating. The four I named were intelligent, witty, powerful, strong and really cool. Zhaan will forever be my favorite character and she unfortunately died, as did the series begin to do so when she left it. Scorpius was a masterful villain with so many layers to his decisions and reasoning, not to mention he looked awesome and sounded amazing; Wayne Pygram is very cool. Sikozu was bloody good, even though she was a traitor in the end; I probably liked her because of how practical she was and intelligent. Aeryn was perhaps the best character in the entire series from beginning to end. She was dynamic, strong, you could empathize with her and she had the greatest story. Claudia Black pulled off the performance astoundingly. Even though the series was about Crichton, I really believe her character kept the show alive and relatively good.
Starburst with Moya and Pilot was an amazing concept that I loved along with wormhole technology. I loved the varied kinds of species that the travelers ran across as they fled from the Peacekeepers, which was a very good set of antagonists. Of all the species I was most impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the Scarrans; the lizard like species which were super strong and very technologically advanced. Awesome is all I can say, and they looked freakin sweet! Unfortunately the story writing didn't always live up to some of the characters, species, and places that were created for the series. The poor writing is what killed this show, and if anyone is to blame for it not cotninuing on it would be the writers. So many episodes sucked in such a corny ridiculous way that I knew I was wasting my time watching them. All of that money and talent, and they came up with crap like that. Absolutely confounds me. Well there you have it in a nutshell. Might watch an episode here and there occasionally, but for the most part you ain't missing too much if you pass this series by.

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