Monday, January 31, 2011

Mumified Cat.

The day at work went relatively well. Before all of that began though at 1pm, I had a rather nice and relaxing morning. I got up and made a wonderfully moist chocolate cake and white frosting for my writing group, and while that was baking I watched the newest episode for the Clone Wars which was called "Overlords." It was pretty cool and delved into some heavy mythology, and I'm not talking Star Wars (although it did that as well) I'm actually referring to Joseph Campbell and Far Eastern religion; the yin and yang; the light, dark, and the balance. It was pretty sweet. Big fans of Star Wars should definitely see it @ or watch it on the Cartoon Network, or even if you like mythology or religion you might enjoy the episode. Back to work. It was an okay day at work and I didn't really have any difficulties with any of the SED's at all. Before leaving work me and some of my co-workers were reading some files on our clients, and this one kid while living with his mother lived in a pretty raunchy house apparently. According to the CPS (Child Protective Service) worker or what not while helping the mother clean, she found a "mumified cat in the vent." I searched and searched for more explanation in the file but couldn't find a single thing. How often do you run across something like that happening in a seven year old child's life? I'm still interested to know how the cat ended up like that, but for now I'll have to be mystified. At least it's a great conversation starter. Dexter and then sleep. Thank the Maker for days off; I'm going to really enjoy these.

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