Monday, January 17, 2011

I Was Sleepwalking.

That was what one of the SED's said when he wandered into another client's room. All of us thought that it was ridiculous considering the child didn't even appear to be sleepy. It was another relatively long day at work. I was able to get a smidgen of writing done, although I was merely jotting notes down for a short story about the Secret Service and Al Qaeda that I will be writing this week as I was watching the SED's. It's actually going to be a fairly good story when I'm done with it, I'm even getting quite a few good ideas for it now. Hmm....Anyways. My writing group went well. We're beginning our march into comedy and we'll eventually get into poetry. So that was the day. Not really exciting, but then again my work days rarely are, although I was talking to the overnight staff that was going to work and she shared this one story with me. It was devastatingly heart breaking, and I think I'm actually going to make a short story or a novel out of it in the future. A beautiful young couple gets married and have the picture perfect wedding, but after the wife has twin boys (which are beautiful) everything very quickly goes to hell. When I'm done it'll be worthy of an Oscar.

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