Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gimp Away!

One of my SED clients somehow "bruised" his leg while playing night tag in the dark the previous pm shift, and today he was limping, whining, complaining about it ALL DAY LONG. He has a very, very low pain tolerance...come to think of it, he might not even have one. He is also highly sensitive (emotionally particularly but just in general as well) although he puts on this tough faced. Anyways I was calling him a gimp because he limped around all day, although he went on a skateboard and tried walking laps and at times wasn't limping. He was so faking and milking everything he could to get attention. It was rather irritating. was double Sunday again and it wasn't too bad of a day. My SED's weren't too bad, but others weren't as fortunate. One kid went off and attack one of my very nice and sweet co-workers with a large metal (and it was very heavy and large) stainless steel baking sheet. It sucked, but apparently she came away from it alright; she's quite a trooper. I had a very lovely chat with another one of my co-workers who worked with genuine sociopaths as a therapist, who bragged about how they killed, raped and did horrible things to people. What's really scary is how easy these people are getting off and then getting put back on the streets so they can murder and kill again because there isn't enough room in the prisons. Oh, and anti-social personality (serial killer type people; think Hannibal Lecter) types never get better they only get worse and worse with the only hope for change being divine intervention. She shared some interesting stories and experiences. Never insult one horribly because he or she will most likely kill you. On that note, pleasant dreams.

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