Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting There.

I think I'm feeling much better today, although now as I write my body seems to be at the same place it was last night. I hate being sick. Anyways today was....not very productive where writing was concerned (yet again), but considering that I was sick I got a fair bit of things accomplished. I made the most fabulous strawberry cheesecake for work tomorrow and I'll make some homemade whipped cream to go with it. Should be quite tasty. I was also able to get a good start on a new short story that I have been itching to write. You know, I write about all of this fantastical or psychological stuff and it occurred to me that I should write something more real, something which defines the era in which Americans and parts of the world live with on a daily basis. So I am going to write a modern war story which has two points of view: the terrorists and the protectors. I am going to do my best to show the humanity of both sides as well as the depravity that each side is capable of. I am going to attempt to make it as real as possible, and try to make each reader feel what the characters are feeling and why they are feeling that. I think it is important to understand that despite a perspective that each individual possesses there is always another perspective that is different but not necessarily wrong. Anyways. It should be good when I'm finished with it. I finished the second season of Damages tonight and all I have to say is wow! That is such a great series and very wrenching on the emotions; so many twists and turns, you have no idea which way things are going. You all should watch it if you have the time and gumption. Time to start another weekend of work. Blah. Have fun those who relax during the weekend.

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