Friday, January 21, 2011

Enough Grit In Your Life?

Now I remember where the day went. I slept in fairly well and then went and saw True Grit to see what all of the talk was about. It was a good film, but I'll allow my film review to give the rest of the "gritty" details. I need to see The Black Swan as well, hopefully I'll get around to seeing that next week. I edited more of my book and made some decent progress thank God. I'm hoping so much to get that done and over with soon, and I also cannot wait to be finished with the entire trilogy. I think I may have mentioned that before, but I was talking to a friend of mine who will be getting his Masters degree this May and he asked me when I'd be going to grad school or if that was even in the picture. I informed him that the plan was to do it after I finished my trilogy, unless I could do school, work, and write simultaneously but I doubt that even I have the strength and resilience to do even that. It is really annoying for me to see so many of my friends and college colleagues acquire their graduate degrees while I am languishing in ink. I know I've been published, but I really want that grad degree as well. I suppose my problem is that I want everything all at once. Anyways. Writing is a part of who I am, but this trilogy has been dragging on for far too long. Some of that was laziness, some of it was not having a publisher and there was also college as well. Now I feel that I am in a far better position, although I am much more busy. I cannot believe my work weekend is yet again here! It only seems like a few days passed by. If anyone out there knows a way to clone oneself than I would love to have the formula, or if you see my twin hanging out somewhere have him give me a call (that gives me an idea for a very, very good story).

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