Monday, January 3, 2011

The Eagle has Landed.

Well work today was rather lovely. My writing group actually went well; the kids were quiet and were able to listen and paritipcate with the activities that I was doing. And for the most part the SED's were in a good mood, although when I initially got there two were out of area playing in the mud and threatening to throw some at me. I was able to get them to stop somehow and miraculously they came in and followed directions. Today was a whirlwind though. I met an old friend for lunch, Jared Pendland; he's the magnificent artist who created the maps for The Curse of a Warrior. We discussed many things, but also some updated maps for my second book. Before that I had to finish cleaning and bake some cookies for my group. Then after I was done with my shift I went to pick my mother up at the airport, and the traffic on the way there wasn't too bad, but once I was there it was horrendous. It was like bloody rush hour traffic in Chicago. Anyways. We lived to tell the tale and got back to my apartment, which she thinks is amazing, and we'll have a lovely vacation the rest of this week. Well good night ya'll.

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