Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chim Chim Cher-Ee!

I woke up bright and early and went hiking up a wonderful mountain that I had hiked up numerous times before. However, halfway up my hiking partner decided to go a little faster and thus we sped at a brisk pace up the mountain. I relatively well considering I believe myself to be miserably out of shape; apparently that is not the case. We got to the top and there was a spectacular view of San Diego. It was a beautiful and clear day which made me glad that I am no where near the midwest or the eastern United States. All of that snow and cold. Brrr. I get cold merely thinking of it. Then on the way back down my hiking partner wanted to really go fast so we were literally running and leaping down the mountain dodging rocks and people as we went. It was kind of crazy now that I reflect back on it, but fun at the same time. I got to break in my new shoes although my toes weren't all that thrilled, and my legs felt a little like jelly when we reached the bottom. Not bad for a morning hike. I ran some errands and got a few books, one of which is a dictionary of Imaginary Places. I thought it would be a great reference book for writing. As you know I am having a dinner party with some friends tomorrow and I am going to make Julia Child's "Boeuf Bourguignon" but I needed the cookbook. I knew it was at the library so when I went to check it out both copies at the library had were gone! It was quite vexing, but fortunately my determination won out and I was able to find the same recipe online. Hopefully everything turns out alright. I was going to make the chocolate bavarian cream, which I also found the recipe online, but that looks dreadfully confusing and complicated although I'm sure it isn't. I'm going to make chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache instead. Later on I didn't feel like watching a film, or going to see one because I was so exhausted and drained from the hike, so I watched this documentary on the Sherman Brothers, Robert and Richard.
I enjoy their music and lyrics immensely and Alan Menken along with Howard Ashman filled their shoes quite capably. If you enjoy film music then you should try to get your hands on this documentary and watch it.
I Never knew how many songs that they wrote both for films and outside the world of cinema but it is truly remarkable. No writing done today because I was very, very tired and drained. I remember looking at my watch and thinking incredulously, "It's only eight o'clock?" I don't know what I'll get in tomorrow but I'll try. Have a good night everyone, and remember "It's a small world after all...."

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