Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black the New White.

I finally got around to seeing the Black Swan and finding out what all of the talk was about. My review pretty much says it all, but I wasn't impressed with what I saw. I did some chores around the apartment and some maintenance on my website besides watching the film, but that was about it. I also finished my Farscape run; all four seasons and the really long movie are all in the past. Thank goodness. It wasn't all bad, but I'm glad that I got through it finally. You might ask yourself why would I watch something that I didn't necessarily enjoy? Well I like to finish what I start, unless it is so dreadful that I'm not even going to bother completing it. The Farscape series also had great imagination behind it which is necessary to fuel my imagination for writing, and several episodes were quite good as well as the characters. Other than that the entire day blew by fairly quickly. I've been sitting at my computer for over an hour and a half writing the film review and putting all of the parts of it together for my website and now I'm blogging. Lately, all of this writing has been getting to be a heavy burden to do on a consistent daily basis, and part of me is afraid that I am going to burn out eventually on one of the things that I love most. Then I think to myself, "what is the ultimate goal? What am I trying to accomplish in the long run?" And then I pick myself up and keep on pushing, and keep on writing hoping and trusting one day that I'll be able to write on a basis more in my control and at a more relaxed pace. It would also be nice to have some help with my website in the future as well; writing a book along with all of the stuff on my website and then managing the site as well as this blog in addition to the full time job I have is a lot to juggle and consistently do it all. Well...I think I have yacked enough for tonight. Ya'll take care of yourselves.

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