Friday, January 14, 2011

Beouf Bourguignon!

Well after a long day of cooking and slaving away in the kitchen I was able to make a great dish. There were a lot of steps to Julia Child's recipe, but if you were able to do all of them well enough, then everything else was relatively simple. The sauce was amazing! It worked very well with potatoes (I used red potatoes, which I think go superbly with beef). I also had green beans and fresh French bread; it was actually still warm when I picked it up at the bakery today. Yum! It was a tremendous dinner and my friends loved it. For dessert we had chocolate ganache cupcakes, which were to die for. Those were really delicious. I can't really remember doing anything else all day besides going grocery shopping and cooking. I have a long ways to go before I master the art of French cooking, but I am on my way. I think there's a recipe in Julia's cookbook for peppered steak or something like that which I will try next because it sounds so amazing. Obviously I didn't have any time to write. I was so exhausted by the time I had cleaned the kitchen and finally put the Beouf Bourguignon in the oven and put the ganache on the cupcakes. Being a housewife before the advent of fastfood and modern applicances must have been an arduous job, and even now it can be a difficult job. I give praise to all of the women out there that have a job outside of the home but yet still find time to cook and clean for their families. Back to work tomorrow! These past few days off have been nice and relatively productive. Let's see how the kids do for the next couple of days.

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