Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Artistic Plunge?

When I was in college, my Humanities class professor told us that we had to do "artisitc plunges" which was essentially us visiting places of architecture or fine arts stuff and writing up a report on it. Now what I mean by the title is not that, but rather of what I did at work throughout the day. Some of our SED's decided to hold their crap in so long that they plugged of the toliet. There are two bathrooms in each cottage and at one point both bathrooms were clogged, and I attempted to turn the water off of one toilet that was overflowing. I almost died of vile disgust. Fortunately I was able to unplug one of the toilets, but the other was hopelessly plugged up. It was as if the kid dropped a log in the commode because it didn't budge at all even after the SED and I plungered it for over an hour. The grand total time of unplugging toilets was around 3hrs in length. The one SED that was helping me unplug his "log" threatened to throw the plunger at me, but thought about the ramafications and wisely decided to opt for a different choice. Other than that, it was a relatively good day at work. Me mum is flying in tomorrow so that should be rather nice, and my roommate did a grand job of cleaning up everything that I asked him to thank goodness. Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind, but at least the end of the day will be good. I bid thee all an excellent night.

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