Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Day...POOF!

I don't know why it seems so extraordinary difficult to come up with original titles for my blogs. Like now, I still can't think of one. The day was nice, but busy. Slept in for a bit so I got a late start, but then eventually I was able to get on with my day. I went to Target and got actually a few films: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Fantasia Duology, The Sword in the Stone, and Beauty and the Beast along with Josh Groban's new CD (a review will be coming) which I am listening to as I type right at this moment. First impression so far.....very meditative and chill like; like someone is being illuminated. Hey look at that! Perhaps that is how he was able to come up with the title for the album. So yeah on with the day. Of course the idea was for me to focus on my writing, but.....that didn't really happen. Honestly I really wanted to but, I needed to clean the apartment, wash some stuff, and clean several filthy spots in the carpet. Also, when my roommate came home from work we had a lengthy chat about....certain things. I had to make dinner and I chatted with me mum for a bit and I read a little Harry Potter before watching Thelma and Louise which continues my Ridley Scott film fest. Tomorrow will be Hannibal. I will be writing a review of the film, but the preliminary is this; I enjoyed it. Lots of good laughs. And that was my day. Tomorrow I don't think I have anything lined up to I am going to give everything I got and put my hands to the keyboard and finish the work that I am so close to finishing, at least metaphorically, or maybe that's wishful thinking. Also tomorrow I am going to be starting my own 25 days of Christmas. Each day will feature a favorite past Christmas memory of mine, and since I am almost 25 it will be perfect. God bless you, everyone.

Monday, November 29, 2010

100th Post!!!

I have reached the hundreth mile marker for blogging, and with the exception of the lapse of my writing due to my imbecile of a roommate neglecting to pay the bill, it has all been in succession. Not too shabby; hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Work was stressful. If you ever want to learn patience help a severely emotionally disturbed (SED) eight year old boy, who has textbook ADHD with a rather nasty, violent temper, complete simple mathematics homework, while also trying to monitor seven other children who have similar difficulties. This is what I do every day that I work, but that one boy was immensely irritating today. My writing group was also rather difficult. You'd think that asking children to think up minor characters from their own imagination or ones that they'd know would be a relatively simple task to accomplish, but apparently not. Oh yeah, teaching around on average 11 SED children to write is another chore. It is only with strength from God and a good deal of patience on my part that I am able to keep my wits together and not crumble from all of the stress. Well to the grindstone tomorrow. Book II and writing here we come.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cooking, Cackling, Crazies.

Well double Sunday is over at last! It wasn't all that bad honestly, the SED's were only a little hyper occasionally, but nothing like threatening physical violence fortunately. One of the kids though did make a rather nasty racial slur, but he learned very quickly not to speak like that again. The pies went over very well, even the crusts turned out fabulous along with the filling. The rest of the dinner was also quite delicious and the SED's loved it. I learned one valuable lesson; be certain that the turkey is completely thawed before cooking it, otherwise it will take longer to cook all the way and some of it will be over done. One more day left and then days off again and in a matter of days it will be December! I was walking out of work and thought I was going to freeze to death, and in southern California for that matter! How absurd is that? I use to live in the midwest of the U.S. and now I am a blasted wimp when it comes to the colder weather. Oh well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Perhaps that means my tolerance for heat has gone up as well. I guess it's not a bad trade-off. Well enough blathering on for now. My priority this week will be editing my second book and finishing the first half of my fantasy serial. Hopefully I can accomplish all of that this week. Good night people of the world.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Smoker's Cough.

That is what it sounds like when I cough; so very annoying and I just thought of it. I am feeling much better. My throat doesn't really hurt, I have my voice back, and my sinuses aren't really running. Right now I am baking two pies for work, and the cherry pie just finished, although due to the wobbly nature of the pie pan the crust on top broke a little. It should taste fine nonetheless though.The pumpkin should be done within 40 minutes or so. Work wasn't bad, although this one girl tired to pull this other girls hair out and toss a skateboard at another kid, but me and another staff were there to save the day. That was about the sum of everything, I think....oh and this one SED was hanging all over me; very poor boundaries, but he meant well I think. Tomorrow should be fun. Me and my co-worker partner are planning a post Thanksgiving meal for the SED's; hopefully everything will go according to plan. Um.. that's all I have for now. Have a great night everyone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Here We Go Again.

In a matter of hours I will be returning to my job, hopefully after a well rested night. I keep waking up during the early morning hours with a dry throat coughing my blasted head off until it goes away and then I am able to fall asleep. As you know my plan today was to edit my second book, but of course that didn't happen. It was quite a productive day, but I didn't do any writing...at all. I made pumpkin bread, pie crust, cleaned, relaxed and did some reading, but no writing. I was going to try, but my roommate and his friend threw my schedule off, and then my roommate had his mum and brother over which again threw off what I was going to do and after that I just gave up. Sometimes it isn't meant to be, but hopefully since my fantasy serial is so close to being completed I will be able to utilize the time that I would have spent writing that and putting the effort into my book. We shall see. Other than that, the day was actually quite boorish and uneventful. I hope that everyone enjoyed this year's black Friday and that each individual was able to attain many things on sale that he or she desired. I stayed home and chilled; not quite brave enough to venture out and compete with bargain hungry shoppers driving around...I'll give them all the space they need and more. Well as the saying goes, goodnight and goodluck.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"My father thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you." I can't remember which old actor said that, but he was quite famous and very talented, it just came to me and seemed to fit for the theme of the day. Anyways. It was a rather relaxing Thanksgiving Thursday. I slept in until an ungodly hour, but I figured since I was sick that it would be a good thing, not to mention I didn't get the most solid sleep either. My pies turned out fabulous, and I had a lovely time eating with Daniel, Jennifer, Victoria, Gabriella, Joshua, and the family uncle John. It was a blast, and most excellent dinner conversation; stimulating to the brain and sensible at the same time. It is not something I experience at my apartment very often. I spent a good portion of the evening there. I was however able to get a bit of writing accomplished today, even though I had to put it on hold for a few hours and then complete it which I just finished doing. A Tale of 3 Brothers: Chapter 37 has been completed and posted on my website! I loved this chapter, and I liked the previous chapter a lot as well. A lot of sorcery duels have been going on between my characters, and I always try to find different ways for them to utilize sorcery to duel with. I think I did a pretty good job for no forethought or real planning before sitting down and writing the chapter. I think you all will enjoy it, if that happens to be a genre that you enjoy reading. Cross my fingers and hopefully I will be able to complete a good bit of editing tomorrow for my second book, but I have so much I need to do, and don't even really want to do it. God help me. Okay another mundane thing that I am thankful for is..................Kleenex, or rather facial tissue. You never realize how valuable, necessary, and useful this stuff is until you are sick. I know we kill trees to make it, but hey I think the trees are making a good sacrifice. Imagine what would happen to your nose if you used Brawny paper towels to blow your nose when you are stuffed up? OUCH! Thank you God for facial tissue/Kleenex. One day left before work, but I am very thankful for my place of employment. I hope today that most people were genuinely able to find something to be thankful for. It is a very healthy thing to do for one's mind and soul. Goodnight.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Did the Day Go?

I swear I got up and was immediately busy. I went grocery shopping and the place was ridiculously busy; it would surprise you how many people do not know proper grocery shopping ettiquette. Fortunately that didn't last long, although somehow I spent a small fortune. I got home and began baking pies, starting first with pumpkin which actually turned out rather lovely. I am going to make the cherry pie after I finish writing this blog. Somewhere in the middle of the day as I was cooking and doing other stuff, I watched Immortal Beloved which is a biopic about Ludvig van Beethoven and features so much of his great music. Did I ever mention that Beethoven was my favorite classical music composer? Well he is, and then comes Mozart, and then Aaron Copland. It has a great cast, Gary Oldman stars as Beethoven, and it has been a film favorite of mine for many years. Some awesomely wonderful friends of mine came over to see the new Harry Potter film, and then we had dinner afterwards at my apartment. It was all splendid and we sat around and chatted for hours and hours. Thank you Joshua and Emily for being such amazing people and spectacular friends. Okay another mundane thing that I am thankful for is.....soap. Without it all of us would be smelly and disgusting looking as we spread germs and other dangerous microbial orgnanisms. We smell better because of it, and life is made easier, or we are less sick (if people wash with soap) because of this wonderful invention. Do we even really think of what life would be like without it? Thank you God for soap. Oh yeah, with everything going on above, that is why I didn't write anything but this blog. Hopefully before I go to some friends for Thanksgiving tomorrow I will have written something substantial. Well off to bake a pie, and then to eat it tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Colds How they Linger.

Today I thought I would hack my throat out of my head, along with all of the...the...well, lets call it crud that was coming down and out of my throat. Today was somewhat productive, but considering that I am trying to still get over being sick not as much as I would have preferred. Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again today with a friend and I still like it as much as before, although I don't really care for the beginning when the film opens and focuses on the minister of Magic's eyes while he speaks. Oh well. Wrote a film review for A Good Year and posted it on my website. I also watched the award winning film Amadeus about the classical music composer based on Peter Shaffer's play. It is a great film; lots of intrigue, drama, humor, astounding dialogue, and features some of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's finest and best music. I highly recommend this film for everyone to watch. Made some chocolate chip cookies to relax a little and because I wanted some chocolate. Of course they turned out fabulously. Hopefully I will be able to find more time this week to be productive where my writing is concerned. Today, one mundane thing that I am thankful for is....gravity. Let's face it; how many of us think about gravity when we get up each day? I never do, I don't even know how it came to me just now. Without gravity we'd all be floating around as would everything on this planet; how irritating would that be. So thank you God for keeping our feet on the ground and everything else in its place. Well I'm going to get some sleep and try to figure out what to do about this throat of mine. Sleep well everyone.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Sick Sucks

Since it had been such a long time since I was sick I had forgotten what it was like to be sick and how truly dreadful it really is. Coughing, spitting up mucous, using the bathroom all of the time because of so much water being drunk, sore throat, and ears popping. So vexing. Work today was fine; the SED's were fairly cooperative and I didn't have to really raise my voice that much which is a good thing considering that I still sounded like Darth Vader. One mundane thing that I am thankful for is.....plastic. I am not certain how it is made, but I know that plastics make it possible. I am sitting at my desk and everywhere I look there are plastic based items, and even as I turn to look throughout my room there are other items also made of plastic or have composite parts made of plastic. I suppose life could go on without plastic, but it makes it so much easier; whether we are in the kitchen, decorating, purchasing toys, clocks, or picture frames. Thank you God for plastic. Well I am going to take my hacking, gagging, and spitting self and kick my roommate off the television set and watch something interesting.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hanging On.

As soon as I got to work this morning I was hacking and spitting up a storm, which shall we say made for a long 17 hour work day. Double work weekends are killer, especially when one is quite ill. Only tomorrow and then my four days off! And then of course I will be feeling better hopefully. I had to do a fair amount of speaking today with a firm loud voice, so it made it rather challenging for me to sound authority figure sounding when only every other word could be heard clearly enough; many times I had to resort to hand signals. It made life interesting particularly when they had no idea what I was attempting to convey. I'm hoping my voice will return to normal hopefully by tomorrow. Today one mundane (seemingly, but not really) thing that I am thankful for are trees. Without them there'd be no wooden houses, no paper to write or draw on, no paper books, no cardboard, desks, wooden chairs, rocking chairs, and....The list could go on for quite some time, but you get the picture. Not only are they natural resources, but they also help make our planet beautiful and provide an important balance for our eco system. Trees not only make life easier for humans on this planet, but they are essential for (I will step out on a limb here) all life. Thank you God for trees.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have a Frog in My Throat.

After a long, long day at work I have nearly lost my voice and am sounding like an old hack, I received a phone call that our apartment bathroom flooded and they had to do work, and then I come home to find carpet pulled up with fans blowing under them like they were trying to inflate them. What a day, and I'm doing another double tomorrow. No rest for the wicked I suppose. Before I forget, one mundane thing that I am thankful for is; water. I think I about drowned myself in it today with how much I drank (not to mention it rained a lot in San Diego; I almost became one with the water as I was trying to leave work). We use it all of the time when we cook, when we clean, when we travel, when we have fun. We go to the faucet and pull, push or yank and out comes clean water (usually, but what's in your clean water may vary. For example my roommate and I have a high amount of chlorine in our water apparently). Many people in the world do not have this basic need and it soon becomes a luxury to them. Thank you God for water. Hopefully I will not sound like I got in a fight with the Emperor from Star Wars and lost tomorrow, or feel like it either. May the Force be with you all.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Well I'm moving from sore throat to the hacking, gagging, and spitting part of being sick. Isn't that pleasant. The day wasn't necessarily productive, but I wasn't as lazy as I was yesterday. Yes I did see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 and it was quite delightful. For more thrilling details, please read the review. In the Wall Street Journal, the stuffed shirts didn't really give it a positive review for some odd reason. They must have seen things that I didn't. I was planning on writing a review for A Good Year but I ran out of energy and time. Now it is back to work, but I am immensely thankful that I'm not as sick as I was yesterday. Thank you God. Those brave many or few of you who are planning on going shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving, you have barely less than a week to map out your strategy. Best of luck; I ain't that courageous. Thanksgiving is also just around the corner, so I am going to share at least one mundane thing that I take for granted everyday that I am thankful for until Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for....sound. Without sound our world would be empty. Can you imagine it? Seeing but there being nothing to hear. It would be like a silent film without the music, which can be a nice thing to see every now and then. I however prefer hearing the great music in films performed by stunning artists, and I love hearing people speak to me; their tones, and how their expression keys into what they're saying. Without sound, the world would be so different. So thank you God for sound, pleasant and unpleasant I suppose. The only thing about this week that I regret is that I wasn't able to edit any of my book or go hiking because I was sick, but I did get some potential story ideas because of being sick. A silver lining perhaps to an otherwise unpleasasnt experience?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Worse than Crap.

The goal for today was to be relatively productive and relax. However, due to being irritatingly sick I was unable to do anything really. I woke up and did my morning to routine and as the day wore on I begna to feel progressively worse, and worse. Now I sound like the emperor whenever I speak, and the words that I am typing now are more than I have spoken all day. I had my roommate run and get me something with a lot of vitamin C and other stuff from Jamba Juice, so hopefully that will work and do something to get rid of this untimely illness. And not too long ago I was bragging in a way that I hadn't gotten sick since December 24th, 2009; that wasn't pretty by the way. Fever, coughing, blowing, spitting the whole bloody nine yards, and on Christmas Eve all by myself. Hopefully that does not happen again. To say the least I didn't write anything, but this blog, because I cannot concentrate while I am sick. Perhaps there are writers out there who can and I definitely give props to them, but I shut down all of my systems and vegetate. I did watch Notting Hill as something witty and humorous was needed to cast away the doom and gloom of being wretchedly sick. If my writing sounds rather like fake, or wannabe British that's because I saw that film. It is an excellent diversion, and I highly recommend it even after it has been released for so many years. In less than an hour a phenomenon that swept the world back in 2001 will launch the beginning of the end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 will be released. I am going to see it tomorrow, hopefully the worst of being sick is over but that may be wishful thinking. Those of whom are going to see it at the midnight showing, God bless you and I hope it's a lot of fun. I will be joining the ranks with my Elder wand soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost There

I am most likely within a few chapters of being completed with the first part of my fantasy serial. Today I wrote A Tale of Three Brothers: Chapter 36, and I thought that I did fairly well with constructing a duel of sorcerers, although hopefully I will out do myself in Chapter 37 whenever I finish writing that chapter. You know it takes a lot of thought to create magical duels and spells that are different from things that have already been done. I don't know how long I sat thinking of how each opponent was going to attack or defend from the other. It is fun though, to construct the whole thing. For some odd reason I was unusually productive today. I wrote a film review for Body of Lies since I saw that the other day or so. My Ridley Scott director binge continued today with A Good Year starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hollander, and a few others. Despite the lukewarm reception to the film, I rather liked it for several reasons; stay tuned for my film review. Other than that the day went by as it usually would. I had a lengthy and wonderful conversation with my sister Paula; she has a lovely singing voice, and is one fine cosmetologist. One day she will be making millions of dollars creating hair styles for mega fashion desginers, famous actresses, and perhaps even greedy politicians. Oh some advice by the way, don't ever put a mug that has gold coloring in the microwave; it just might be the real thing and not just the color. Unfortunately I am beginning to get sick, but it might just be the sniffles turning into a sore throat; we'll see. Time to get some sleep. May the Force be with you all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lazy Progress

I must admit that I was very, very lazy today. I slept in very late and did nothing for a good portion of the entire day. I was hoping to get Josh Groban's new CD, but I couldn't seem to find it at Target unfortunately. For some odd reason the Target that I frequent doesn't seem to stay very...well up to date with all of its current releases of media. Oh well, I suppose I'll just start ordering things via online vendors instead, I can also save on gas and time then as well. I wrote my film review of Schindler's List and there it is; excellent film, and so forth and so on. Tonight I watched Anna and the King with a good friend of mine. That is an amazing film, and the cinematography is stunning. Thailand is a magnificent country. Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat's performances were also delightful, and also it was something to see Tom Felton being a rather charming young boy instead of the cruel and arrogant Draco Malfoy. It was a very good film, long, but good. It makes one remember how vicious, pompous, and arrogant the British Empire was to assume that they could control the entire world, or at least that which they viewed as savage and uncivilized. The same goes for the French as well, but I won't get going on the colonialism soap box that one could spend hours on concerning how much the British and the French destroyed the continents of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. All of that to say why I didn't edit any of my book or write anything of any large substance. It was a great day to take though after all of the work over the weekend. Until tomorrow.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been sitting here for about five minutes trying to think of a good title for the blog, but nothing came to my mind. Very sad, but then again it has been a long couple of days, not entirely stressful, but busy nonetheless. Work was fine, I had the SED's in my group write and decode messages is the Star Wars language using the Aurebesh language to do it in. They did fairly well and even wrote their own little blurb using the symbols which was cool. Can't say much about the remainder of the work day. I barely raised my voice, and did only minimal prompting. It was a very good day, despite sleeping in until 11am, which felt unbelievably wonderful. Should be a busy week what with HP7 coming out this Friday, and apparently Josh Groban has a new CD that I need to get. Sleep well.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Which Shift did that Happen On?

That was what I was asking my co-worker as we were finishing up the paper work for the last shift of our working day. You see we both did a double and worked in the same cottage, so some of what happened throughout the day was kind of running together, but we both got through it and completed everything that we needed to without any major behaviors thankfully. I am quite sleepy right now and aside from work all day, nothing really happened. 7am-11pm was my work day and I am so glad that it is over and that I will soon begin my days off! So I will bid thee adieu and goodbye. I'm going to watch an episode of Lie to Me and eat some chocolate frosting.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Your Favorite Sticker?

Fortunately this question was relatively to easy to answer when one of the SED's asked, although I thought it was a rather odd question to ask of everything he could have, but at least he was able to stay away from masturbation. He tried to bring that up again along with some other things, but I quickly quashed it and moved onto a different topic. Apparently a lot of the SED's that I work with like me somehow, although they often call me the meanest staff or something akin to that. I suppose it's nice to hear even if it is a little unbelieving. Did a double again at work 7am-10pm with a break, and it was long but I had to deal with only a few hiccups along the way. It was also nice that I was able to work with some awesome staff. Ari and Karen are amazing and have the uncanny ability to make me laugh. More doubles tomorrow, so hopefully everything goes well and there aren't too many difficulties.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not a bad day.

I would say that today was relatively productive. I went grocery shopping and although I spent a good deal of money I saved over fifty bucks, which I thought was really awesome. I finally wrote a book review of The Crystal Cave and although I stated that I was going to finish reading the other two books before writing a review, that isn't going to happen because....well you should read the review. To say the least, the book was boring. I watched Body of Lies starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Ridley Scott, of whom I am on a binge of watching his films. I like him as a director and want to see how capable he's been across the gambit of film. I actually enjoyed this film, although when I saw the preview when the film first came out, I thought it looked dumb and rehashed, but I actually enjoyed it. Although I wouldn't watch it frequently, I would watch it again. I also did a film score review on Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 which I was sorely let down over. Perhaps I set my expectations too high, but Alexandre Desplat just fell rather...flat. At any rate, it's been a lovely week away from work and we'll see how it is going back. I'm sure the SED's haven't missed me too much, although I am certain they'll say that just to get on my good side. It might work.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yes I am once again writing/blogging from the comfort and warmth of my own room, and I cannot begin to say how wonderful it is. My finger tips don't feel as if they are about to fall off, and there aren't any vexing children in the background drowining out my music. My hike that I went on this morning was amazing! The country up in the mountains that we went through was breathtaking, what with all of the colors changing, and there were very few people. A quiet and solemn experience, but so enjoyable. The only thing was that it was quite chilly; had to wear the hood on my sweatshirt for fear that my ears were going to turn into ice cubes. I wrote that review of Mystic River and now I just have to write one up for Schindler's List and I am caught up. My roommate has Netflix and since he has an XBOX-360 connected to the internet we get it streamed to our television set. I found out today that they have season 2 of Lie to Me on there and watched a few episodes. If you haven't seen this show, you really have to. I have actually used some of the techniques of their deception detection where I work and other avenues of my life. The main character, Dr. Lightman, is also delightful, whitty, and...so easy for the audience to connect with. I did some other lazy things and that was about it. Once again, I am waiting to do everything on my last day off. I am rather curious though on my long list of things to do what exactly I am going to get done. We shall see. By the way happy Veterans Day to everyone. Those who have served this country in the armed forces for the reason of protecting it and many times the people of the world, thank you very much. America and the world owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. God bless all of you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


....Between sitting on my hands and blowing on them as I wait for pages to load or while I read them, I think I might go crazy or get frostbite, not to mention I have to contend with the severely irritating and screaming "pool family" with too many children swimming in cold weather for God knows why. As it is, I find it terrible weather to blog in; typing and mousing around can be rather chilly for the finger tips. Anyways. Today was uneventful and boring. Did some cleaning and was lazy, but that is kind of what I did yesterday. I don't know why I didn't write other than my roommate dominated the television playing loud, obnoxious, and very violent video games. Apparently there was this one about a "pint sized serial killer" who goes around stabbing helpless adults. He said he was playing it because it was fun. To each their own apparently. The living room is essentially the only place where I can write besides at my computer desk in my room, but that isn't very comfortable for hour long editing sessions. Don't know what I'm going to do in the evening. This whole need to check and write everything having anything to do with the internet on my roommate's lap top computer by the pool in about 2hrs 15 min of battery life is getting old. It prevents me from doing many of things that I need to do on my website which is taking a huge beating (so to speak) from my ability of not having the internet in our apartment. Well time to go before one of my fingers freeze off, or before I throw one of the obnoxious children into the pool.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seasonal Egg-Nog.

I went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make one of my SED's some chocolate chip cookies for his birthday and discovered that egg nog was on sale! I was so pleased and got an expensive, albeit worth it, half gallon of the stuff. I got home and drank some, and boy was it delicious.....Oh and the cookies turned out fabulous. Not quite certain what I did differently this time, but they didn't spread all over the cookie sheet and get all ugly brown and thin, but wee rather nice and chewy. Over the past few days my blogging has sucked and of course that is because my.....my.....oh what the heck! My severely immature and irritating roommate has yet to pay the bill which he assures me will be paid this coming Friday. Whatever. This whole experience brings to light wise words from Master Yoda; "Learn to let go of everything you fear to lose." I don't know if I was too clingy to something which I need to further my writing career, but it is always healthy to be reminded that what one has can be easily taken away. Overall the work weekend was fine and very little writing was done. My fantasy serial is stuck in limbo until I can figure out how to type it up and get it on my website from my roommate's laptop computer. And blast I am so close to being finished with it all. Oh well. More days off ahead, and it should be nice and relaxing hopefully. Tonight I am going to watch Mystic River, that is if my roommate's unexpected guests aren't going to interfere with that. Love to be able to post what I thought about it after watching it, but it is getting colder out here and the pool area will be closed. Well farewell all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Freedom Again!

So I am going to write a really, really quick blog just to say that I did one for today. Work was fine, no real difficulties with the SED's. That's that. May the Force be with you all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Found Dirt!

One of the SED's I worked with said that today as he was playing in the dirt. Me and a few of my co-workers had a good laugh about it. Work wasn't too bad today, although there were times when some of the SED's got particularly on my nerves, but for the most part they were unusually pleasant. There is this one SED who we call a "doodle noodle" because he was stretching on the couch in the dayroom (common room) all over the place like a spaghetti noodle. The people I work with are so awesome and funny; I am actually very fortunate to work at such a place depsite the wretchedness of the SED's. Not much else happened. My roommate is visiting his parents and he hasn't been in the apartment lately, which is nice to have the whole place to myself. Adieu and farewell.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I want to Play a Game.

For the seventh year and time another SAW film has been released. As for whether or not this will be the last, who know's but I really hope so. Those movies are really intense and get under the skin really easily. Okay I have 33 minutes before I run out of battery power and there isn't an electrical outlet in sight. : The link is at the bottom for my SAW 7 film review. Yes I know it ain't pretty, but my vexing roommate's computer won't let me do it my usual way and I don't have enough time to fiddle with it. It was interesting to see and have everything come full circle, or at least that is what I think happened. Shifting topics, yes my roommate is visiting his parents and we still have no internet in our apartment. It still upsets me greatly but what can I do about it. I'm stuck with dealing with his stupidity, which is in itself most irksome. Other than that was lazy all day...very, very lazy. But I hope all of you had a great November the fifth and celebrated it in some form. 27 minutes left in counting of battery power. Rushing once again and my fingers are frozen from typing over a couple of hours. Tomorrow returns me to my work week. Here we go.http://https//sites.google.com/site/escapistnow/the-anatomy-of-films/horror-reviews/saw-7-3-d

Thursday, November 4, 2010


"....Remember, remember the fifth of November the gun powder treason and plot; I know not why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot."

Yes it is that time of year again. Guy Fawkes tried to blow up British parliament over two hundred years ago because the government was not to his liking, or something of that matter. I need to really study the matter more. However, I do remember what V for Vendetta was like and what the point of November the fifth was for V. From what I've assimilated from the film and thought on, there is something that echoes for me concerning any government and V says something which I think describes it perfectly. People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people. These words I feel were particularly echoed in this recent U.S. election; people were fed up and got rid of politicians. That is what I believe this fifth of November should be all about; if necessary a government made by the people should be able to be disassembled if it becomes corrupt, only does what is best for them, oppressive and beyond ability to quietly and orderly correct. I'm not saying that people should go and blow up buildings if they disagree with the government, but it's more the philosophy behind the idea; we should not be afraid to change the government if and when it is necessary. Rome was great, but it came tumbling down despite all attempts to save it. So there. Go watch the film, listen to the 1812 overture, and watch some fireworks. The day was rather...well uneventful. I went on a killer hike up a mountain which would usually take me an hour and I did it in 30 minutes! I was exhausted so much that I thought I was going to vomit when I reached the top. After a long rest period, I went back down and almost slipped several times. Got back to my apartment and relaxed for a long time. Edited some of my book, and here I am blogging...at the pool...again. I even had a spider try and bite me. How lovely. My roommate will be unable to get the internet back up until maybe Monday or around that day of next week. I swear I'm going to move out soon. I just like where I'm living so much that it is hard for me to leave. Oh well. After this I am going to go watch V for Vendetta and then at midnight I am going to recite the phrase and listen to the 1812 overture that V played and conducted in the film. Should be great. Have a great November the Fifth.

P.S. I do not endorse violence, terrorism, or anything that would disturb the civil balance of this good government.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Hate Rushing.

The pool area by the leasing office closes in like fifteen minutes so I have been rushing to complete my film review of Alien and to also blog for tonight since my irritating, vascillating, and infuriating roommate still hasn't gotten our internet hooked back up yet. Oh how I hate being rushed, especially when I don't have what I'm use to doing all of my writing on. So this blog entry will be rather short. I cannot seem to the link for the review on this blog because my roommate's laptop computer is being stupid! But there's the trailer above. Did some editing today for my second book which was lovely, but very slow going still. Dear God it is going to take me forever, especially when I keep adding page to the large number already. Oh and the battery is running low without an outlet in sight! Grrr. So there it is, Hopefully I will be back in my room typing these up before the week is out, or my roommate is going to have to...well I'll think of something.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

After 70 Plus days of Consecutive Posts.....

.....I miss one day. Not because of an earthquake, near death experience, or the apocaplyse occurred. Simply put, my wittless roommate forgot to pay the internet bill, or something having to do with Cox not receiving their money. I didn't find out until I was about to blog after I got back from a busy and stressful day at work, and that's when he decided to tell me. To say the least, I was quite incensed, but took it in stride and actually had a good night's sleep despite the modest stress I was experiencing. Anyways. It is very unfortunate that I missed a day, especially the first day of a new month, but I am here outside of our apartment leasing office using the wireless internet that you can get for free by the pool. It works, and the show must go on. Work yesterday was stressful. The SED's during my writing group almost got me to snap because they were being loud and antagonzing each other relentlessly. After that the night went by quickly, but it sucked so much out of me. I am so glad that my days off have arrived. Hopefully my roommate can get his act together and get everything paid so I can have that consistent reliability that I treasure having in my life. I like to do this before I go to bed so that I can go over everything that happened, but since the pool closes around 10pm I have to get it done now. I am going to watch the original Alien film directed by Ridley Scott, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what I thought of it. Oh and I did edit some of my book today, although it took me a couple hours to only edit 10 pages. This is going to take a long time to edit the entire book. I really do need another me.