Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, yes today I have excuses as to why I hardly did any writing. I was in many regards "recovering" from my long work weekend, but I was also busy doing things related to my small social life which is rare when it happens. I made some awesome bananna bread (cooking is a great deal of fun and relaxing for me) for one of my work supervisors who is leaving. She was awesome at her job and made life at work logistically much better; she will be missed. The little writing that I did though was great. I made it over a hump for my book three outline and figured out how essentially the rest of the story was going to go and a few other logistical details. This is amazing because it was stumping me for a while, but I think that I got everything worked out. The rest of the evening I hung out with a friend and watched The Stepford Wives which was actually quite amusing and witty; I really liked Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler was a riot, and Franz Oz directed the film. Overall it was rather enjoyable.

So today I had some excuses, but I am going to try to get a good chunk of writing done tomorrow. Hopefully there aren't any excuses, emergencies, or rain checks.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday at Last.....!!!!

Well my work week is finally over and now I have three days off. Work actually went well today, but I didn't write or even have time to read until about 9pm. I made snickerdoodle cookies with cut up pieces of Milky Way in them (turned out really good) for my writing group for the SEDs at my place of employment. We're doing a series on types of fictional genres and today we discussed the Fantasy genre. It was nice that they paid attention, mostly without any difficulties, and they found everything that I was saying interesting, or at least pretended. It's always a nice feeling of accomplishment when one is able to teach something to a child or children who is (are) appreciative, yet can be very hard to manage at times.

Now comes the three days of writing, although I don't know how intense it is going to be. It was a long work week, but no rest for the wickedly creative.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost there....

...One more day and it is my Friday, as everyone else on average begins their work week. The only thing that I wrote today was an incident report at work because a client well...did something that he shouldn't have to say delicately. My day essentially began by waking up and thinking that I was going to church but noticed that I had a missed call and voicemail. Upon hearing the message, I discovered that they wanted me to come into work early to help out. So I rushed myself together and headed on over. God apparently wanted me elsewhere in the morning, and it worked out that as soon as I stepped into the cottage a SED was attacking a staff. So I helped "deal" with the situation and eventually (long while later) the SED calmed down and we got on with the day. My whole work day was 10:10am-11pm; talk about a long day. So I think that it was okay that I didn't write anything fictional today. Now I am going to drink the rest of my coke, finish eating my strawberry/bannana yogurt and watch some Farscape.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What day is it again?

I just finished reading about thirty some odd pages from my Howard Hughes bio and I am about to fall asleep. Work wasn't even that stressful, but I am exhausted immensely. Reeses Pieces Puffs are an excellent late night snack by the way. No writing today. Was too tired and just wanted to relax and not do anything. I was speaking with me mum about how I always feel the need to write when I'm not working, well I suppose I should rid myself of that philosophy or I am going to burn myself out on writing. I really want to sleep in until kingdom comes tomorrow morning, but church calls and I must go. It would be so much easier on my mind if I was a full time writer, but tried that once already and it didn't pan out very well financially so here's hoping to the future. And my work week is half over! And then I get to start it all over again; this seems so awfully familiar.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back on the Job...

...Off the writing cycle. On average my "disicplined" and consistent writing occurs on Tuesday thru Thursday, any of the other days is complete randomness and depends on how well or poorly my work shift went. Even though today wasn't too bad, I did absolutely no writing when I got back to my apartment. I chose to be lazy and watched a couple episodes of Farscape, which I have decided is a brillaint and fascinating show. Granted it isn't cutting edge acting or even remarkable special effects, but the vivid imagination, places, and characters draws me to it. I can't think of very much that matches a good imagination with rather compelling characters and storylines. It is also a lot of fun, which I think is essential for a good television series to work, that isn't at least drama intensely driven. That pretty much consisted of my evening, as well as reading some of the Hughes bio and a U.S. civil war documentary while I ate dinner about Sherman's march to the sea. No I didn't get any writing done, but it isn't always about actually writing. Sometimes I find that the creative mind needs time to reflect and rejuvenate which allows it to come up with new and different ideas, and I must admit they have been coming to me in barrages. A pity I don't have time to flesh them all out. Oh well. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Eve of My Work Weekend

For many months I would dread Thursdays because that signaled that I would be returning to my job, which albeit isn't the most painful career in the world, but it isn't always that enjoyable either. The good thing is that our kids will be returning to school, and that should hopefully help the shift go by more quickly and also better. I was actually rather busy today with some shopping and met some good friends from my old college days, and some colleagues from the library that I use to work at. And yes I did get some writing done, but yet again not as much as I wanted, and I wasn't really even that lazy; there just wasn't enough time to do any more then I did. I really do wish that there were more hours in the day, or that I could be a full time writer, then I would really have the time to do everything that I need to do. Alas, bills do need to get paid, and I do enjoy my modest lifestyle in San Diego.

I really need to get back into writing fiction stories with characters and plots, not just commentaries on films and soundtracks that I try to put every week on my website. Today I wrote a review on Les Miserables and a film score review of Star Trek (the newest film). I suppose I don't have the energy to write that much, in addition to what I am doing with my trilogy, or else I would rather do something fun like read or watch films. Right now, the biography on Howard Hughes Jr. is becoming more and more fascinating; I'm at the part where he's having a "serious" affair with Katharine Hepburn. Well here we go back into the work week, when most are ending their's.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Goes On......

First or initial impressions aren't always true or even remotely accurate, and sometimes people can get upset and irritated over trivial and ridiculous things, and then upon reflection rethink what they said or wrote and come to a softening of their heart or ideology.

Things went very well today, although yet again I didn't get as much writing done as I wanted to, but I am continuing to get closer to finishing the end of the Book III outline and it is becoming more and more complicated though. I am also reading this rather fascinating biography on Howard Hughes Jr., and what a man he was so far; rather disugsted by his treatment of women, but he was a brillaint man. If you have the time you should watch The Aviator a splendid film; check out the review here on my website The Aviator. I also picked up another book at the library; the Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart. I'm doing some initial research for a future project and I was interested to see what the author, who is apparently something of an authority on certain aspects of the fantasy genre, had to say about the topic that I am researching. It should prove most intersting. Hopefully tomorrow, since I will not be running any errands, I will be able to get some serious writing done, but it was the half-way mark of my days off so I suppose I do deserve a little amount of rest and relaxation away from working of any sort.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elusive Rest

Even though it is my first day off since Friday of last week (I worked a double that day), I still found myself working. Yes I did write today, but very little in comparison to what I was hoping to accomplish. That was due to me catching up on a little relaxation, and my roommate unfortunately has two incredibly irritating and energetic friends spending an extraordinary amount of time here. Both are about 20 and albeit are fairly respectful that they aren't in their own place and rather polite and amiable, but it puts a dampner on my creative talent when I am trying to write and three giddy boys are playing shoot em up games on the X-box with really loud sound. I could go on and on with my complaints, but what would that accomplish. In another week (God help me) I will be rid of them, at least my roommate better hope to God that they are gone.

I was able to get some more of my Book III outline written, but I was really hoping to finish it tonight. The storyline for my last book in the trilogy is shaping up well, and the ending should be intriguing. I also wrote a film review of The Pianist and posted it on my website: www.escapistnow.com
I think for the rest of the night I'm going to just chill and eat some more of the delicious pizza I ordered from Pizza Hut (their new Big Italy Pizza is amazing, especially for the price.)

Monday, August 23, 2010


"Thank God it's Monday!"

It may sound odd, but yes that's true; today would essentially be considered my Friday, but for many their work week is just beginning. At work I have this writing group that I have for the SED's who want to learn more about the world of writing, and I do what I can to teach them the basics of writing and attempt to open their mind to the creative possibilities. Usually it goes well, and sometimes not so well. This time it went very well. We chatted about the fantasy genre and what that is and looks like. So as you can imagine it took some time to prepare for that, and I made a chocolate cake as a treat for the participants. That's my excuse for today, although since I have the next three days off I won't have the "work excuse" any more.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I like about Sundays

Sundays are right before Mondays, which is the last day of my work week (yes I work Friday-Monday 10 hour shifts), and that is why I like them. However, it isn't a great time for writing. Between church and work my entire day is completely full from morning to night, but even if I did write when I got back tonight the SED's were very irritating. One was a complete velcro headcase as she latched onto one of my co-workers and wouldn't release her no matter what. We had to pry her off of her, not to mention she attempted to bite, kick, scratch, and grapple us both. Such a great time don't you think. So yes I am using work stress as a cop out in this case, but hey, how much creative energy would you have at the end of the day if a prolific amount of crazy people haggled you all day long while in the process shouting and screaming obcenities and other such things?

Made a stop by 7-eleven, got myself some candy and some Cran-Grape juice and am getting ready to watch Farscape on Netflix. Hey a person has to unwind and cope somehow.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Saturday.

On this innaugaral debut of this blog, I have decided over the past few weeks to write about why I don't write. You see, being a writer that works sometimes over 40 hours a week with severely emotionally disturbed (SED) children, I don't always have the energy to write something creatively productive. Sure I am a very disciplined man, but there's something more relaxing such as watching an episode of Dexter after being bitten and kicked (in rather uncomfortable areas) by a belligerent head case who is almost nine of years of age at work all day, than sitting down in front of a screen and typing out some serious work for my second book, my website, or other ideas that I am penning along with research for other projects as well. My social life (the little one a busy writer such as I can have) also tends to be something I would prefer to partake in than stay at home and rummage through pages and pages of edits.

Thus, rather than write something...well creatively productive every day, I am going to write why I have or haven't written. For example, today at work the SED's (the client population that I work with; that's how I'll refer to them) were pitching fits left and right. One was upset that he had to stay in his room because he was barfing sick, the other one didn't want to take a shower after he wet his bed (soaking wet mind you), and the other one didn't get to pick the channel on the television. The SED's ranted and raved over trivial things like this all morning. Therefore, upon arriving home I cooked myself some dinner, read the Wallstreet Journal, and after that watched The Pianist (which was an excellent film). So there it is, but I suppose in my line of work (mental health) those behaviors are to be expected. Tommorrow probably won't be much better, but hopefully the SED's will be more...calm.

Here is to writing about why I don't write. Hope all of you enjoy.