Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Have the Personality of a Potato.

My sister told me that one concerning an individual she had seen around Christmas. I died laughter almost over the phone when she told me that, and upon reflecting on it today I also laughed a hefty amount. Part of it is an inside joke between her and I; if you've seen the film Real Genius then you might know what she is referencing. Today was rather blah like the weather. It was very dark, dank and dreary. I got essentially nothing accomplished save for a haircut and paying some bills. My attempts to post videos of me talking about the process of creating the Tale of 3 Brothers series met with something less than I would have hoped for, but it wasn't too bad. The program I was utilizing was rather frustrating, and my computer and internet connection was going rather slow. The day just didn't go as I had planned or wanted it to, and it vexed me a bit. So up top is one of the videos that I uploaded more will be on the way, but the lighting is so poor in my room that I have to acquire some additional lighting otherwise all of them will look all blah. That was essentially my day, and I was sprucing up my website a little; fixing bugs here and there and doing my best to polish it up, although I think next year a site overhaul might be a good thing. Change is good every now and then. I unfortunately didn't do any writing, but I was close; perhaps it was the weather. I don't know. It sucks when you know you need to write but you honestly don't want to. Well there it is. I am still pushing to have my fairytale completed, we'll see if I can do it in two days along with everything else that I have to do.

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