Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I need a very, very long and isolated vacation from any form of work. Even my days off of work seem to be filled with nothing but work. Today I went on a very long hike. It was a six mile hike up and down a rather large and rocky mountain. The view was quite spectacular when we got to the top. It overlooked so much of San Diego area, and the weather was perfect for hiking as well. It was justly named: Iron Mountain. Got back from all of that and I was exhausted since not only did I get up early in the morning but I didn't sleep very well either. Being sick sucks so much. Tonight though I should sleep very least hopefully. I have posted my film review for Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have also watched Howard Hughes' spectacular film Hell's Angels which debuted in 1930 I believe. As you may recall some months ago I finished reading the biography on Howard Hughes and became rather curious about this film. I will write a review of it, but I mainly watched it to see what the aerial battles were all about, and Jean Harlow as well. I wasn't disappointed. Because of all of that and other little things that I did throughout the day I didn't get any other writing done which sucks. I really need to knuckle down and edit more of my second book, as well as some other little projects that I have been planing for a while.

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