Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take it in Strides.

What a day. I felt horrible sick when I got up this morning, I feel horribly sick and very faint right now. It was a long double day at work dealing with SED kids, one of whom urinated on me. After all of that I returned to my apartment and find it a mess with a drunken woman laughing her head off and falling over chairs. I also find that they aren't leaving and are in fact going to stay longer, eat tacos, and watch a film. After a long day of work and being sick, that was the farthest thing that I needed to come home to, and I think the final straw with my ridiculous roommate. And the irritating thing is, I don't think he really cares that any of that bothers me. It sucks. But I'll take it in strides as things come to me, and bide my time. Anyways. On a happier note. Christmas is in 13 days. My how the time is going by so fast. A happy Christmas memory was when my grandparents from my mother's side came and brought me and my sisters presents when we were living in Wisconsin; I think I was about eight or nine. That was a great Christmas. There aren't a lot of specifics that I remember, but I remember the Christmas tree and my grandparents walking through the garage door. It was lovely. Right now I am going to try and sleep, and hopefully the majority of my seething anger will have worn off by tomorrow.

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