Saturday, December 4, 2010


And that is how I currently feel, besides blah. I really hope that I'm not coming down with anything again; that would be entirely too vexing. So work wasn't too bad, but honestly I really can't remember most of it. A few of the SED's almost exploded, but then I was able to utilize my awesome "skills" as a staff member and encourage them to make the right decisions. That was the day. I'm now going to snack on something, watch an episode of The Dresden Files and then go to bed. I've been watching this show on Netflix and it's okay, although I like the topics and the general idea of the show, but it is actually fairly weak so far. I would like to see some big time dark magic, sorcery, conjuring or something. Hopefully the show gets better. Signing off. God be with all of you. And I keep seem to forget about my whole Christmas thing. I tell ya my memory is getting so bad. 21 days until Christmas. A good memory for me from Christmas is.......when all of my siblings and I, along with my nephew, woke up Christmas morning and just chatted near the Christmas tree. I was sleeping on an air matress next to the tree and my nephew pounced on me quite early I might add waking me up and then my sisters gathered all around me. We ended up having a good old time; lots of fun. I think that was back in 2006. Wow four years ago. Time really flies by as one gets older.

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