Monday, December 13, 2010

Sick Time.

After a whole year of working and not calling in sick I finally did so today. As you can imagine I have quite a bit of sick time that gathered up over the year, so I might as well put some of it to use before it all vanishes away and a new year begins. I am so sick of being sick and working at the same time, hopefully some additional rest will help me kick this crap that is lingering in my body. Who knows. So yeah I felt like crap all day, but the good news is I can breathe regularly through my nose and am not hacking up a storm all of the time, at least for now. The morning when I initially get up seems to be the worst and then the hacking part isn't as bad, but I feel like crap. Thank the Maker for legal drugs and the scientists who helped engineer them. I just kicked back and did nothing all day essentially, no writing. Although Upon seeing Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast I received inspiration to write my own fairy tale. If I hadn't gotten sidetracked from looking at furniture online, I would have gotten somewhere with all of my plotting in my head concerning what direction to go with my fairy tale. Oh well plenty of time to do it still. I just hope that I feel better. Christmas day is in 12 days! Oh my goodness! I still haven't done anything yet. I never use to be this lazy, but I also never use to be this busy. I feel like an adult now. A Christmas memory that I can recall after speaking to me mum tonight is....when all four of us kids in my family would decorate the Christmas tree which usually went up around the beginning of December. My mother would organize all of the ornaments and then hand each of us kids an ornament to put on the tree and we would find the perfect spot. It was a lot of fun, and if I could do it to this date I still would and have a blast. I never knew how much my mother made Christmas so wonderful and special.

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