Saturday, December 11, 2010

Resistance Failing...Must have Chicken Soup...

....For those of you who are not familiar with that line, it was from one of the episodes of animated cartoon The Tick which was a favorite show of mine as a young child, and still remains so as an adult. The purpose of the title though is because I am once again miserably sick. My nose if stuffed up like Santa's sack before take-off on Christmas Eve, and it is a real pain in the neck when one is trying to sleep. No matter how many different legal drugs I take, it doesn't seem to get unstuffed unfortunately. Work was long and at times arduously difficult. My co-worker had the unfortunate experience to deal with an SED who de-clothed while in the bathroom and while in the process of dealing with him, this child attempted to urinate on her. That set the tone for the morning. The rest of the day wasn't too bad, but it was long. 14 days until Christmas. Four years ago it was my nephew's first Christmas, and although he was kind of unaware of what was going on he appeared to be enjoying himself. It was a big thing for me as an uncle, not to mention the whole day was fun. I remember holding him as my sister and mother isntructed me how to hold him without dropping him like I was afraid was going to happen. A couple pictures of us were taken in front of the tree, and I think I had blue hair at the time. Good times.

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