Monday, December 6, 2010


Thank God work is over! This day went by so very fast it was ridiculous. The SED's at work were off the chart right as soon as I got there. The foulest language you could imagine, nasty temper tantrums and all at the same time. I was hopping from one crisis to another without relent for a couple hours it seemed. Fortunately they all calmed down eventually and were fine. A long work day though, and halfway through it I wasn't feeling very good. Still am not at a %100, but am getting there. 19 Days until Christmas. I cannot believe how quickly this month is going. Another good Christmas memory is when my sister and I decided to go sledding off one of the roofs that were on our parent's property into a pile a snow we had made. It was fortunately a small roof and even though we did it nothing was broken, but I did have a very sore backside for a while. Those were good times.

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