Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out of the Mountain!

Even though I was literally off of the mountain yesterday as I finished hiking with friends, in my book my characters finally made it out of the mountain and I survived without encountering any brain damage. I am referring of course to my second book of a Warrior's Tale Trilogy. Made some progress there with editing, but was unfortunately unable to write anything else. The time today just eluded me, and I always felt rather busy, as if I was doing something that needed to be done all of the time. Perhaps it would be better said if I mentioned that I wanted to do so many things. I also watched Inception with my roommate who had never seen it before, and that was quite enjoyable. I love seeing films with people that have never seen what I've seen before; it's like I am able to once again experience what it was like to see the film for the first time again. I think as a big film watcher that is something that we all try to obtain. For example, I wish I could recapture the first time I ever watched the first Saw film; that was an amazing film experience for me. 16 days until Christmas. Being as all together as I usually am with my memory, I forgot to write about a Christmas memory in my previous entry. I don't know why it is so difficult for me to remember to write this stuff down. At any rate. When I was very young, about five or four I remember either my father or mother waking me up Christmas Eve and explaining that Santa Clause was at our house. I got up all sleepy eyed and there was jolly old Saint Nick. I remember more images than anything else, but based on the pictures I've seen, apparently I was enjoying myself unless I knew at a very young age how to fake a smile. It is a faint memory, but a pleasant one. It is interesting though however to hear my mother's take on that evening, but let's keep it a happy Christmas memory shall we.

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