Tuesday, December 7, 2010


At the moment I am rather tired and my throat is bothering me because all of all the crap my sinuses are forcing down it in order to combat this most wretched cold that will not go away! Anyways. Today was busy. I did housework and went grocery shopping spent and saved a lot of money. I also got Inception at Target and will hopefully be able to watch that sometime this week. Tonight however I watched Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I'll save most of my comments for a review, but I will say that the second time around watching it was much better than the first. I completed my review of Ridley Scott's 1492: Conquest of Paradise. I am closer and closer to seeing all of his major films. I think I have about...seven or so left to see. That was all of the writing I was able to do today. I made myself some very yummy tacos for dinner; I think I might put the recipe online sometime and share the deliciousness with the rest of the world. 18 days until Christmas. The last Christmas I had with my family, 2008, in Illinois was great just for that reason. I haven't been with any of my family at all for the holidays since that year. There was the snow (which I now can live without), the family, and all of that stuff. I think I was actually helping my brother in-law at the time shovel the snow out of my sister's and his driveway at their home. I don't miss that at all. Hiking and hopefully a lot of writing tomorrow. We'll see

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