Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Always....

....Rains when I work on the weekends. You might be thinking this is a good thing, especially if one lives in San Diego; obviously if you work all day and can avoid the rainy weather, and when your days off come then you can have fun prancing in the warmth of the giant fireball. With me it is different though; I love dark, damp and dreary weather. It is so awesome, and it is the greatest weather for me to write and read in. So work was good and rather pleasant; the double today went really, really well. No major difficulties and no child urinated on me thank the maker. I think that I actually had fun with some of the clients. 6 Days until Christmas! The countdown continues and the shopping becomes more frantic! If you are one of those few who have saved Christmas shopping until the very end, good luck to you because it is going to be crazy. Another tradition, which was new for my family in the new millenium, was going to see a film on Christmas day. We daw many, but The Two Towers was perhaps my favorite film that we saw on the holiday. It was more difficult when my nephew was born, but things can't always stay the same unfortunately. Change happens and we have to adapt. Happy holidays folks,

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