Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it Possible to be Too Productive?

I'm not certain about the answer to that question, however I can state however that I had a very productive and satisfying day. After almost two years of working on my fantasy serial of The Tale of Three Brothers I am finished! Yes that's right I wrote Tale of 3 Brothers: Chapter 38 and boy was that a long finish, but I figured might as well do it in one fell swoop. The first part of the duology is completed and now it will be time for a much needed break from it. All 38 chapters, all 119,000 words, and all 400 pages. Wow I'm tired just thinking of everything that was involved in crafting that story and world. It was such a relief being finished with the whole thing after so long, and I also had this great feeling of accomplishment. Most of my day was consumed with writing it, but I am done with it for now. I do have thoughts on how the second part is going to go, but it will be some time before I go back to that series. I'm going to focus on singular short stories and try to go back to something that I had been writing for a while, but took a break away from. My second book and screenplay writing are things that I am going to try and make my center focus right now. I also edited some of my second book, which was nice. I also wrote my film review of Thelma & Louise and posted it, actually just finished putting all of that together. And I watched Hannibal tonight which is yes you got it, another Ridley Scott film. I really am trying to see all of the man's films, and it'll take some time but I'll get there. He's really diverse and I think that makes him a great and very successful director. That was my whole day in a nutshell. Quite busy and productive. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Oh and beginning that whole 25 days of Christmas thing which I almost forgot. A good Christmas memory for me is when I got The Phantom Menace DVD for Christmas in a Victoria's Secret bag back in 2001. Yeah my sisters had a hoot over that one, as well as my mother.

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