Friday, December 31, 2010

....In a Strange and Far Away Kingdom....

Yes I know that it says that I have two posts for today. Well that happened because I was posting a video and it took longer then I had anticipated and I was doing it about 15 minutes before midnight. The mission in Red Alert 3 took longer to complete; the Empire of the Rising Sun was being wretched....Yeah there I go again showing my geekness. Anyways. I am very proud to say that after pushing and prodding myself all day, and with lots of time to spare I was able to finish writing and proofreading my first ever fairy tale! The Queen's Crystal Plate has been posted on my website and I am very excited about this story. It was really something new and different for me. The characters turned out well as did the story and plot arcs. I think it would make a great film, perhaps even a Disney film complete with an Alan Menken score. The one thing I battled with was detail; how much, how little that kind of thing. In the end I settled for less detail, and I think it works but there will always room for more. Aside from that and the pumkin bread and key lime cheesecake that I made, that was my day. Now I am going to wash the mountain of assorted dishes that I used to bake, watch an episode of Farscape and go to bed. Since I have to work tomorrow (a double) I want to make certain that I get enough sleep. Oh Happy New Years by the way. My resolution is to write more; this includes either editing my current screenplay or writing a new one, quickly finish editing my 2nd book, keep my website up to date, and continue to blog every day. Well take care everyone and may the New Year bring forth all of the pleasures and possibilites that you hope and desire.

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