Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today was partially productive. I got up bright and early and went on a lengthy hike, which was quite lovely. I then went to some meetings at work for some of the SED's, and then upon returning to the apartment did some odds and ends and then watched a television show about a rather interesting detective. I had originally thought that I was going to edit my book. However, the hike had drowned me of all of my energy and I knew that the chapter of my second book that I would be editing woul be long and dificult. I skipped it and did something fun. I made some delicious pumpkin bread and then wrote my review of Josh Groban's "Illuminations" album. I actually had to stop before I got too far into the review because of a live web concert that he would be performing at 5pm pacific time. Apparently if you bought a special version of the CD like I apparently did you recevied a code which gave you access to a private and unique live concert of Josh Groban performing songs from his latest album and some from his old album in an intimate setting. It was actually very delightful and lovely, and he fielded some questions that viewers had sent to him. He actually possesses a rather delightful sense of humor, and a powerful voice. I then finished my review, ate dinner and watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice which was a delightful film as ever, regardless of what critics and people say. I was going to write a review of Hannibal, but after seeing the film and then debating about it, I really don't want to write a review. The film was at best rather tepid with essentially everything else being equally tepid; the score, characters, story and plot especially, although the cinematography wasn't too shabby. I didn't like what Ridley Scott did to the characters of Clarice and Dr. Lecter, and I just didn't really care for the storyline. It could have been far better. So I thought, "why waste my time." So therefore this is as close to a review as I am going to give it now. Could watch it again, but unlikely considering everything else I want to watch. Red Dragon is far better. The remainder of the evening ran down and I'm about to watch another episode of Dresden. 23 days until Christmas. Another good memory is when one of my sisters got me two Harry Potter wands; The Dark Lord's, and Professor Snape's. You should've seen the expression on my religiously fanatical sister and brother in-law; you would have thought I was committing a grievious and unforgivable sin. It was a great time though, and I've used those wands in many battles since then...Probably shouldn't say that, as it reveals the geeky or nerdy nature within me. Oh well, there it is.

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