Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!

People are either lovin or hating this Christmas season for some odd reason I am discovering. Between shopping, plays, being sick, and work people are over taxing and over-extending themselves. I was fortunately able to make certain that a present that I sent out today at the post office would get to its destination by tomorrow afternoon. After all why not. Got my new chair today and assembled it! Oh my goodness how wonderfully comfy and stylish looking it is. It is also perfect for writing on with a lap-top computer. I edited some more of my book tonight and it went splendidly; I'm once again getting excited about what I wrote. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going because there's still a long road ahead before I am finished with editing. I would have liked to write more, particularly about my fairy tale, but I want it to be good so I will take my time. The day was primarily running errands and doing a few things here and there. I watched a film that I recently acquired, which is an old favorite of me mum's, as I was assembling my chair and then watched the rest of it when I was completed. The movie was Darby O'Gill and The Little People; it is a whole lot of fun, and was done very well for back in the day. I think it was also one of Sean Connery's first roles, and the first where he did some singing. With so few days left until Christmas (2 Days) a memory that I'd like to share is when me, my sister, mother, and then brother-in-law were eating Christmas dinner we were talking about something that I found rather hilarious, which my mother and sister then found hilarious and then before I knew it I was laying face down on the ground laughing my head off hysterically and pounding my fist on the floor. It was so much fun that it hurt and took us a long time to stop laughing and get serious again. Those were a lot of fun times; they're fewer now, but since I am such a nostalgic indivdual I enjoy reflecting on those.

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