Sunday, December 5, 2010

A "Goat-Yodi."

A rather curious title I know, and I can't even remember what it exactly is, but the overnight staff for where I work said it and it sounds like so much fun. Anyways. The morning was bloody hell. Shall we say that by 10am in the morning I was thinking I wanted a shot of whiskey, and I really don't drink alcohol at all. The SED's were really being exasperating and wretched. Fortunately though they got it all out of their system by lunch time, by which time my co-worker and I thought we had worked two full shifts. Oh what a day. It is over though at last and now for some television and much needed sleep. 20 days until Christmas. Another good memory is.....when my family was living in Wisconsin in the country at an old farm house, and some person dropped all of these Christmas trees off in our driveway, just randomly. We burned them along with the wrapping paper from opening presents and the flames were so high with different colors. It was very cool, especially when it was so cold out. There ya have it. Good night.

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